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  1. Pictures
    I have been taking Hero & Hov to doggy daycare for a while now and they absolutely LOVE IT!! I just thought I would share a few fun pics! Upclose & personal lol Hov was giving kisses...my sweet boy! Hov is my little social butterfly! Hero likes to sit outside the kitty cat room & listen to...
  2. Pictures
    hahaaa They will do anything for a treat!! =P
  3. Pictures
    Its been a while! I think my last post was in about April... Hov is now 1 yr old! & here's some pics from the summer!!!:roll: Hero & Hov playing with my dad's boxer, Rage. My muscle man! Hov after he got his certification for Obedience!!! Yay for obedience!! lol Might I add he...
  4. Pictures
    We had SO MUCH FUN todayyy!!!! Hero & Hov got baths. We played outside. & then I took Hov to swim! Hero didn't get to go with because Hero doesn't like water or swimming! Sooo it took Hov like 20 mins to figure out that it was ok to get in the pool. All he did for that 20 mins was run around the...
  5. Pictures
    Hov will be 8 months old in a couple days. We just took him to the vet for a check up for his mange and he is all cleared up! Hov weighs in at 58.2 lbs now!! BIG bOY! His neck is 19in. I need to start shopping for a new collar for him! SO HERES some pics I just took of the boys! Hov passed Hero...
  6. Pictures
    Just took these pics like 3 seconds ago! LOL Poor Hov is being molested by Hero as I type right now... Speaking of that HOW can I get Hero to stop humping Hov??? My brindle BOYSSS!:roll:
  7. Bloodline Discussion
    I got the 6 generation ped. There's quite a bit DeLa Cruz in the 6th gen. I want to share it so you guys can help me figure out if he's a good bloodline or not. He's my first registered dog! I dk what I'm looking @/for exactly! How can I post the pedigree on here?
  8. Pictures
    Hov is now 6.5 months old and gettin BIG!! Weighing in at 56 lbs!
  9. Pictures
    :)Hov's growing! Hero's done growing! lol
  10. Health & Nutrition
    Definitely happy with the finished product!!
1-11 of 11 Results