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  1. General Discussion
    Hello everyone today Mila had her first real snow storm , she loved it ! She was laying , playing even licking the snow lol we got about 8 inch of snow . How do your dogs do in the snow ?
  2. General Discussion
    Well how did your dogs do last night with fireworks going off? My pup loved sitting there and watching them, we shot off mortars 25 yards away. Didn't bother him at all, other dogs around were screaming and trying to hide
  3. General Discussion
    I measured and weighed her today.. she is 6 months old in a couple days Weight: 30 lbs (using the I stand on the scale, then pick her up method) Height: 19" to the shoulders Length: 19" shoulders to butt
  4. General Discussion
    hey guys im back from my voyage into a part of life where you barely have 10 mins to sit back and enjoy yourself. Life has been sending me through all kinds of twists and turns and loops...everything is startin g to get back to normal. i hope you all have been doing well and not as stressful as...
1-4 of 4 Results