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  1. Events, Results & Photos
    I have never done this before but it looks fun. Gonna try it on Sept 11th in Ft. Pierce. FL. Has anyone tried this fun sport?
  2. Misc. Dog Activities
    I'm interested in basic obedience and barn hunt for my apbt/bully mix. I do have a few questions about barn hunting though. Does age matter when starting? She's about four months now, should I wait until a year? Would it be best to finish basic obedience before starting new training?
  3. Misc. Dog Activities
    Started Michaela in lessons in June and this is her niche. She loves hunting for the rats and her reward is finding and chewing on the tube with the rat. She's already finished her Novice title and has 2 legs toward her Open title. We'll be going to a Barn Hunt trial in Nov. and will hopefully...
  4. Off Topic Pitbull Lounge
    A friend had this posted on FB last night and I still can't name them all. Anyone want to play? It's simple, kinda, just name the bands pictured here: This one is clear but missing one side ;) There's suppose to be 75 bands in the picture but I haven't got them all yet. How many can you name?
  5. Pictures
    Just a picture of my two catch dogs Beetle and BA getting hauled to a hunt. Beetle is the black dog and BA is the red one.
  6. Pictures
    I just joined the fourm so I figured I'd post up some pictures. We hunt in central Texas almost year round. A lot of times it's a family affair with my wife and kids going with me. I hope to pass on the traditions of hunting and hunting with dogs to my sons. This is one of the biggest we've...
  7. Pictures
    you might remember me posting about 3-4 weeks ago about bunnys first time barn hunting. (she found the rat in 12 sec. day one and 8 sec day 2) well brush hunt is the same but in a wooded "brush" area. bunny found the rat in 1.82 seconds!!! :) she placed 2nd out of everyone. she was the only...
  8. General Discussion
    Yesterday was our first time of doing a single retrieve in an actual hunt trail set-up. I was so darn ptroud of my girl. She did a sinlge retrieve in 40seconds. She listened to me when i told her to go left and back she did better than a few labs that have been doing it a long time. I'm excited...
  9. Pictures
    Not the greatest video and not the biggest hog, just a nice little sow, but Im still happy to get something on video. Anyone thats been on a hunt know its not easy with everything thats going on.
  10. General Discussion
    I am just wondering how many of you hunt with your dogs and what you hunt?:doggy:
  11. Pictures
    Her firrst hunt...haha 7 wks old. I wish I had my camera, but I only had my iphone on me, and the camera on it pretty much sucks! Here's two that half way came out....she was funny chasing a lizard, and yes I made sure she didn't eat it. She actually rolled that railroad tie over....she's...
  12. General Discussion
    John Goodwin... HSUS Dogfight Czar John Goodwin's Army of Snitches HSUS latest weapon of mass destruction: its network of snitches. Drop a dime. Claim the $5000 bounty HSUS offers on dogfighters. Kill a few dogs. All in a day's work for self-appointed, untrained, unqualified vigilantes...
1-12 of 17 Results