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  1. Life&Times of Uncle Will
    way back in the day,the early 60's when they'd had all the levees and ***** built in the everglades,from the Big O (lake Okechobbee) to the Tamiami trail something happend that would curse S.Fl. and haunt the gator species for years to come. they'd finished the work and had set to predictin...
  2. General Discussion
    A link to a really good video of bulldawgs at work. (Warning graphic) Mod's I hope its ok to post this link, If not Delete it please! big boar video video by dylanroly - Photobucket
  3. Pictures
    well we didnt get anything this time, but we did have a blast. we got one this time. Hes stil pretty young, but is showing signs of being great. Turns 5mnth on Nov 24. We are to the point where he is infront of me going back and forth. He knows hes trying to find something, just not...
1-3 of 5 Results