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  1. Bloodline Discussion
    Been wondering if I should investigate the American Staffordshire Terrier for obvious reasons but am willing to look into ideal American Pit Bull Terrier bloodlines for hog catching. Anyone have good recommendations?
  2. Pictures
    Some of the footage is from last year, but I have added some new clips from this year as well. Southern Inferno Kennels hunting with Southern Cross Cut Gear in S. Fl. The catch dogs you will see are Southern Inferno's Cowboy, Southern Inferno's GA, Southern Inferno's Fury, H.C.I's Irish Wrath...
  3. Products / Services
    Southern Cross Cut Gear and Hog Hunting Supply is under new management and has a new home here in GA! Southern Cross Cut Gear
  4. General Discussion
    I was wondering if there are any other people on here that hunt with there dogs.
  5. General Discussion
    I know there are some guys on this site that hunt with their dogs, and I wanted to ask where is a good place to get started doing this? I have a 7 month old puppy that looks and acts like an apbt (no papers so who knows?) and another 4 year old stray I took in that I think is a pit...
  6. Misc. Dog Activities
    I know this is an odd Pit Bull sport, but its really prevalent in my area. He's in he beginning stages of training but he's doing pretty dang good! As good as the labs so far. Anyway I thought id share.
  7. General Discussion
    Other than Hogging (which I know absolutely nothing about) are pitbulls used specifically to hunt anything?
  8. Pictures
    Here are some updated pics of Shox and Kangol. Shox is pulling his little heart out All Kangol wants is for Shox to leave him alone.... Shox wants kisses. Brayden is playing deer hunter and Shox is the deer. While I was producing the radio show last week, Shox got himself stuck with a...
  9. General Discussion
    hey all figured id ask here im in the market well i will be very shortly for some strike dogs for hog hunting ive already got catch dogs so im in no need for any of them but a couple of good strike dogs would be good tho if you happend to know of anybody im in the amarill tx area willing to...
  10. Misc. Dog Activities
    My dog is a redheeler/bully mix I want to take him hunting sometime but the only problem is I can't quite figure out how to turn him into a hunting dog.I've heard a few thing about how to do it but im not sure any ideas? He's got the speed agility and strength but his attention span is like a...
  11. Pictures
    There ain't all that much to hunt when you live in the city except some squirrels LOL! Bella has some crazy prey drive and I would love and outlet for her to hunt. Times like these I wish I lived in the country because I would love to hunt with her. I think little Bella would make a nice catch...
1-11 of 47 Results