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  1. pitbull behavior
    Hello. I rescued a 60 lb pit mix from the humane society about 3 or so months ago. He is fixed and about 2 years old. He was found roaming around a local county. His name is Buddy. He is the sweetest puppy, and is the most cuddly one in the house. I had 3 other dogs in the house before we...
  2. pitbull behavior
    Maggie, our 4-yr-old female is a sweet girl, loves her family, walks well, but we don't know her history. She is the sole dog in the house now, but the previous dog of the house, a very energetic 2-yr-old Husky female, has come to visit with a resulting dog fight. The Husky has a husky...
  3. Pictures
    [url=http://nolinksfool!] Sorry about the quality the only thing I got under hand was an old nokia.
  4. General Discussion
    - my neighbor's son just showed up with a BABY puppy I'm guessing to be 5 or 6 weeks old - traded for speakers in a parking lot - apparent mix of husky and boxer. Darling puppy with cute markings. They're going to try to sell it themselves tomorrow but think it's better off than the people it...
  5. Pictures
    Toby's my ambully, he became the definition of man's bestfriend real quick, our bond is quite amazing! He plays with the flirtpole an hour a day, and then sleeps like a rock! Here he is :) Toby when I first got him at 4 months age and him now! At a little over a year old He takes up my...
  6. Pictures
    Okay! Rascal's second best buddy!!! DRUM ROLL! Now Let the music play as i present!!! Chance The Siberian Husky !!! Description : Chance is considered a Black Siberian Husky, with pink paw pads, and a pink line type mark on his nose, also with one blue and and one brown. Personality...
  7. Pictures
    I think i made the apbt a bit too muscular. uhhh the huskies suck...
  8. Pictures
    some calm time... humble companionable silence... hes got her down! shes back up! get him!! he gets her!! attack!! he pounces.... shes down!..... belly stays outta the battles.. and the water. he kills her... *bawls* ok shes not really dead... bwahahahahaha thanks for looking :D
1-8 of 11 Results