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  1. Health & Nutrition
    last month at Gargamel's checkup the vet told me Gargamel should lose some of the weight he has gained since he was neutered. I increased his workout (although in this heat he has not felt like walking, I can't say I blame him). I was reading other posts where it was mentioned that losing...
  2. Health & Nutrition
    do u think it a good ideal to give my dog show stopper and totw. Or do u think that totw is enough for his coat and skin.:confused:
  3. General Discussion
    Ok, I wanted to start a thread because I've been having trouble finding pics of dogs that I love and want to talk more about. I'm not even sure what to call them... traditional APBT is what I generally call them, or ADBA style, or "game style" Any dogs that fit into the classic catogory, post em...
  4. Conditioning
    I'm probably beating a dead horse here. Sorry I just had a few questions what is the ideal age for a dog to start the flirtpole our boy diablo is almost 4 months and full of energy I tried everything to burn some energy burning like playing fetch but he doesn't seem to like that much and when he...
  5. General Discussion
    I love this dog!! post a pic of a dog that you just love the style of
  6. Obedience Training
    Her mom died thats why I have so early training is going ok is 30" a good size?
  7. General Discussion
    hi im new here and i want to know if my pitbull's body weight is right.. gibson juz turned 6 months yesterday and he is weghing 57lbs... is that ideal? thanks
1-7 of 11 Results