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    Bad image for pitbulls don't you think Japanese akita being introduced to a Pitbull - YouTube YouTube
  2. General Discussion
    ok so i have a deviantart profile and i follow some of the pro-"pit bull" groups...well i noticed on one of them this person is posting pics of her mutt dogs that she is bybing.......so i messaged the admin of the group and told her becuase you know....we should be advocating to not support...
  3. Pictures
    It's been a while since I had any recent pics up so here you go. Sorry about the state of the yard! Roxy Nitro If they look a bit sad it's because this was one of several very hot days in a row a few weeks ago.
  4. General Discussion
    So I drive a route for work and make stops at different medical labs and hospitals here in the bay area. I was making a stop at one of my favorite labs because I get along with the ladies who work there and we always bs about random stuff. One of them asked how my dog was and I showed off some...
  5. General Discussion
    Im walking one of my pitbulls one day in an area that has a park on one side of street and a canyon area on the other...and this idiot lady comes walking up w 2 unleashed dogs, a german shepard and a mixed breed not sure what a lab and something else...i told her to get her dogs away from...
  6. Introduction Forum
    so i drive 45 miles to look at an apbt puppy today. no outrageous price just 300$ guy says yeah man my pups get tons of love and they are well taken care of. i pull up and the dogs are all in tiny pens full of feces. the pups are in a box in full sun with muddy water. i think ill go purchase the...
  7. General Discussion
    This is the second time this week some jerk has tried to promote byb to me. I was at the park and this idiot approched us saying how great my dog look and do I want to stud him. I said sorry he's fixed, and he's only a year old. Then he gave me a card, so I looked it up when I got home and OMG...
  8. General Discussion
    fifteen minutes of our lives we will never get back spent talking to an idiot.... My husband is out front mowing the front lawn and i'm sitting on the couch just staring out the front window as i am known to do, wandering mind and all. Suddenly i see a gentleman, i use that term very loosely...
1-8 of 10 Results