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  1. Pictures
    So, Ices has been working on her natural stack, and bulldog fun.. and I've been working on my photography skills. What do y'all think? Ices' off leash natural stack. We were at a park on a baseball field, inside a secure fence. Full speed ahead! This is how her recall works, and I love it...
  2. General Discussion
    10 by 10 kennel Wire roof, cement under the dirt and reinforced fencing Gate is Locked shut when she is in it. The Pipes are for her tarp to provide shade when its starts getting real hot. I put her on a 50 ft trolley and walk her about half a mile from my house to run in an empty horse pasture...
  3. General Discussion
    hey guys i know u all think im a worthless dog owner but, switch is going to a professional dog trainer and is currently working on following through with basic commands. i got him a harness to add wieghts to for walks or just when he is outside. he still is very thick headed but slowly he is...
1-3 of 4 Results