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    Pics of Karma the pitty :woof:and Sadie
  2. General Discussion
    Alright Lets talk about measurements! Heres all my dogs measurments. (Neck slightly over shoulder, Brestbone to last vertical rib, Brestbone over neck to last vertical rib, Brestbone thru legs to back of outside hind leg, Withers to base of tail, Withers to ground, Chest Width & Neck size)...
  3. Pictures
    Yup. He's a beast! Hahaha.. I love this dog dearly. He's the best companion anyone could ask for. Extremely protective of the house, loving/affectionate, very smart and obedient. What more could one ask for?! This dog is helping me lose weight too by walking him every day. :) I've taught him to...
  4. Pictures
    Most snow i've seen in my life. including, pike, my wife, and my daughters haha. we dont get much snow here, as far as the cold white stuff goes. But we did, and we enjoyed, so i hope u enjoy Mr. Pike. I didnt take too many pix, but i did just buy a new digi cam so u guys are in for a good...
1-4 of 4 Results