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  1. Pictures
    Well spent the night a little while ago and shanas and got some pictures Jarvis flexing...I will post the video up later indigo go Cree, was in the crate about to be let out and he gave the sad puppy dog eyes
  2. Pictures
    On a hike, relieving cabin fever She keeps from overheating with that ear, kinda like those big eared dessert foxes lol. Being cute, as usual. I think they want to play
  3. Pictures
    she was channel surfin! Gotta put one of Kallie in there ;)
  4. Health & Nutrition
    After trying a few home and over-the-counter remedies which didn't work. Indi's going to the vet to see what's behind this horrible rash. It's gotten pretty nasty, poor girl. :(
  5. Pictures
    She's recently had a growth spurt and has passed our other dog in size, picked her up one day and noticed a slightly heavier dog than I remembered hah...still only around 34 lbs which is fine cause you can still carry her around in your arms :):):) The spots of brown and black are...
  6. Pictures
    "lOOK MA! One paw!!" Bein a psycho Starin' all dem foo's down! (LOL) Midget Claw of Doom! The elusive Trance Streeeetch little buddy High n Tight Puppy Prowl Entering the danzerzone Joo'wanna peice o me? Skippin Chain Oh ho! Little bit close! "Heh...yeah, he doesn't...
  7. Pictures
    Er...yeah, so I guess everyone hates me because I'm a smart ass. Go figure! I'm posting these out of SPITE! Bah! Hehehe... >:) Indi holdin down the Jeep
  8. Pictures
    growing up nicely :) how do I get these pictures to be smaller?? And is it just me or is she showing some signs of American bulldog? Hmm..
  9. Pictures
    Indi's under the blanket and Trance was having a ball with it.
  10. Pictures
    Ha! made-ja look! I got sommore vids I'm going to post up. Just boring ones of all three playing and tugowar. Ignore my doggy voice...you know they love it. here's the pitties down on the farm... If that's not enough, well here's a vid:
  11. Pictures
    got a little bored one night :roll:
  12. Pictures
    Indi at about 4-5 months, she's not huge but she's getting bigger!!
  13. General Discussion
    Well I told everyone that I would keep ya'll posted on her status. She is doing great, and she's healing wonderfully. They used the same incisions as a spay and I don't think she notices anything on her belly, infact she still wants us to pet her on her belly lol...When neela was spayed she ate...
  14. Pictures
    Here's a few more pics of Indi, she's a handful but soooo cute. Thanks for all the opinions on her mixture, I think pit mix is correct, my mom was thinking maybe dalmation down the line cause of her spots...whatever she is I love her to death! The last picture is of my other little girl, 2...
  15. General Discussion
    Well, today was Impregnation Day (I know that's not a real word lol) for Indi. From what I hear she is doing well after the surgery. My friend Jenny is bringing her home to me after work. Ya'll keep your fingers crossed for us that it took so that we can have more puppy pictures to oogle about.
  16. General Discussion
    Indi gave me my birthday present early this year... two days ago she started bleeding. She will be inseminated soon... I'm nervous for her... she has such a great disposition... I know she will be a great mommy... I know I have the best vetrinary care, and I've helped our collies whelp before...
  17. Obedience Training
    Here's a clip of Indi working her sit and lay-down. Hold and distraction phases are next. She has these two downpat for on the fly commands. I try to teach hand signaling and verbal commands simulaneously. She responds to hand signals and verbal commands together and seperately. I think this is...
  18. Pictures
    Just some fun shots from playtime today in the yard. Click on the first image to see if the slideshow works...let me know if it doesn't. :/ (the slideshow is really pointless and doesn't work how I wanted it o, so I'll add some reg. pics.
1-20 of 30 Results