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  1. Pictures
    Finally got some new shots last night of two of the three dogs. Here's the photos that actually turned out decent! The first one i lied about decent pictures, but I still thought it was funny. Doug and the dogs were wrestling and Jarvis and Pork clangged heads...here's the split second after...
  2. Pictures
    Gonna post all her pics up in this thread from now on to consolidate. Road Dog! She's such a good rider.
  3. Pictures
    Here she is at 8 weeks! Just got these today. She's already grown so much since the last set I got. I can't wait to bring her home, only 12 days!!! x) I also got a couple of Lucy, she's bounced back well. Lucy (mom)
  4. Pictures
    Here are some pictures of Indi throughout her young puppyhood. Her parents, Diesel and lucy. And Tonka, a late best friend of mine, and first experience with the breed. He left such an impression on me, he is the reason I am now deeply attached to the breed. Indica aka Indi Indi's...
  5. Pictures
    Indi made a new friend named Martha. She's an english bulldog that i was "doggy"sitting yesterday. they were so nosey all over the house. Indi is going through a false pregnancy so thats why you see boobage on her. I got my new camera, but I don't have the intro-net for now. Once I'm up back...
  6. General Discussion
    Neela and Indi were dropped off at the vet today for surgery. a spay for Neela and a ear crop for Indi. I'm sooo curious to know what Indi looks like and I hope my babies are feeling chipper tomorrow when I go to pick them up... I felt sooo bad leaving them at the vets office because they were...
  7. General Discussion
    Indi's taking her shower... excuse the narly shower i just got salt for the water softener... well water sucks! I've been taking her to work with me ... this is her impatient look. she still loves cruisin around town though! she's always down for a ride... we're trying to teach her that she...
  8. General Discussion
    indi trying to hold her own while playing tug o war... Neela takes it easy on her!lol Neela being lazy and Indi going in for the kill lol
  9. General Discussion
    Well, I have a prime example of how much razors edge can vary... Neela and Indi are both razors edge (neela less than indi) neela has alot of drive as to Indi doesn't as much... she's just not as tenacious about things. and she's built so much different. I have more pictures of neela at indis...
21-30 of 30 Results