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    Bullies on PARADE! :) ROCKIN teh galoshes because my house becomes a swamp when it rains, lol all the dogs except Indi loves it.
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    Sup peeps? Been a while huh? Trance has gotten HUGE. 7 months old and he's already bigger than Indi (1yr)
  3. Pictures
    Trance is my little dude, but he's getting big! Already nearing Indi's height. Trance is 5 months old around 38# Indi is 10 months an 54# Oh! and her rash was a reaction to Frontline, go figure! (Dirty basement room, not in my house, lol )
  4. Pictures
    Indi @ 10 months and Trance @ 4 months.
  5. Pictures
    Few bonus Trance shots....he's so hard to photograph.
  6. Pictures
    Yeah so here's an absolute ton of new pics of Indi taken yesterday. She's maturing nicely, but she is very small! Look at the pics of her on the steps, you'll see she's just a curvy little bitty girl. She is a great dog. :) Oh and for the record, for those goody goodies that would try and rip...
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    The Dynamic Duo! Race for some human lovin! Battle! Indi taking on the big boy, skit 'em girly! Is he down for the count? Bigger idn't better buddy! Run Tyce! RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!! What a goofy boy.. Two very happy pit bulls! Gnar! Tyce's revenge! Happy Tyce Go Indi Go...
  8. Pictures
    Freshly taken tonight! Indi's 5 months old tomorrow. Sorry for the crappeh quality, had to use a cell phone.
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    Hey guys been awhile eh? Just postin up some cell phone snap shots. my cpu died, so I have borrowed a laptop for a few days. :) Hope everyone had an awesome xmas!!:woof:
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    She is REALLY hard to photograph right now, lol. She wants to be all up in my business. Hehe She's a total doll and will will just chill with you like a grown dog! She's as we say, mature for her age. Get her wound up though, and watch out! :)
1-10 of 10 Results