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    4 years old already!! Born! Puppy brat! Best in show puppy Best Junior Handler award, ADBA fun show Earning her UWP Her first Total Dog Award at Gateway Nationals 2011 being an awesome junior's dog Ind dock dogs too Well-loved by the kids.. And the new baby! Today with...
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    So far, so good. These two have hit it off well! :) from playing tug together, to wrestling and investigating the resident donkeys, the first week of having Ms Jerzi went well. Sent from Petguide.com Free App
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    Thanks to a lovely iPhone app, I can now hang out on GP again! Yay! Here are some pictures of my girl Indie! Doing a photoshoot sometime soon, so stay tuned! Indie, 3 years old Phone randoms Lum's Pond trip Sent from Petguide.com Free App
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    I'll upload the pics later. Indie's first time @ Schutzhund training - YouTube
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    Approaching the 2 year mark! Dock fun! I haz big buttz n I cannot liez great "leave-it" goober face Other pics from the park Thanks for looking!:thumbsup:
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    I take so many stacking pics.. cause I like to see how she changes over time. Of course, my stacking skill has improved over time as well, so it can be hard to judge sometimes. :) At 17 months, she has finally had her first heat, which def packed on some density in some areas, like her chest...
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    Had a GREAT weekend at Gateway! Indie accomplished SOOOOO much! For a 16 month old dog she: Earned 2 Champion wins towards her GRCH.. one ch under R. Beauchamp, and one under S. Melgreen. Then, she took Best of breed under Melgreen!! WOW! ... she earned her CA (Coursing Aptitude) title w/ 3...
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    Haven't really been online much lately, as I've started my new job, and we're in the process of moving. We found TWO pet friendly rentals nearby within a week of each other, and have been accepted to the one we really wanted for now.. it has a 6' privacy fence in the backyard, and though it's a...
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    She turned one year old yesterday. :) I can't believe a year has gone by already! In this one year, though, she has done sooo much! She has titled in Conformation and Dock Jumping, gotten her Canine Good Citizen, and cross trained in Weight Pull, Rally-O, Flyball, and Dock Jumping the whole...
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    So.. Indie did GREAT! Here are her jump distances: Splash 4- 7'2" Splash 5- 7'8" Splash 6- 8'6" Splash 7- 8'10" Splash 8- 9'1" annnnd.... Finals! 9'7" New Personal BEST! She placed SECOND in the Novice Division Finals! I'm so psyched! :) Here are the pics!! (some by me, some by James, some by...
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    She's been jumping off a real dock for a week now.. and she's actually made progress! Unfortunately, this dock gets slippery real quick, and as I don't own it, I can't put anything down for her. But, we'll have a chance to practice on a real dock @ a competition next weekend! :D Here she is...
1-13 of 13 Results