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  1. General Discussion
    We put together our Top 10 list of Best Indoor Dogs - ideal for people who don't like to adventure outside that much or who don't want to keep going up and down 20 flights of stairs! ~Petguide.com
  2. Misc. Dog Activities
    Since it's getting super hot out, I would like to do some activities with my dogs inside to keep them entertained. My boy loves playing tug-of-war with a rope, but that can get messy as he loves tearing it apart into little bits of string. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!
  3. General Discussion
    Wondering what others opinions are on the differences between a male or female in a inside single dog for a family. Ive only had males in the past,not much experience with females. My last razors edge male was super fun,but not much into cuddling with wife and spending time with kids. He was...
  4. General Discussion
    Hello! I am having some difficulty exercising my girl since the ground is so icy. I have had a spring pole suggested, among other ways of exercising her indoors, but I am having an issue finding a way to build it in my house. She loves tug of war, so I figure that anything she can pull on...
  5. Conditioning
    Does anyone have any suggestions/instructions on building an indoor spring pole? I have a small apartment, so I want something for my girl to do during the day when I'm at class. I was thinking maybe I could attach something to my door frame pull up bar? Any advice would be very much...
  6. Do-it-Yourself
    Let's see those winterized setups give some newbies that may have outdoor setups or even those in subzero areas that looking at indoor setups as well. I don't have a lot but, our winters are pretty mild compared to some even though I'm in Kentucky. However, I'm in the western part so we're a...
  7. Do-it-Yourself
    well here it is: its an A framed swingset type, takes up the space in my dining area that i dont use.. it breaks down very easily and uses mostly bolts, and just a few screws after being setup for rigidity. anyone want more info let me know and ill post detailed pics, but i hope this inspires...
  8. Obedience Training
    Hi Everyone, I recently took my pup to the park, and there was another Pit there who was a little younger. The pups played for a bit, then the owner and I began talking about training etc. His Puppy: Sat on first or second command - NO touch. Very Calm Owner had two daughters (6-8yo).. they...
  9. Conditioning
    I take my puppy out for long walks and runs and I play tug of war with I'm in the house with his toys but I would like to give him some sort of spring pole that he can occupy himself with when I'm pressed for time. I live in an apartment so I don't have any yard to put one up. Anyone have any...
  10. General Discussion
    Where do you guys keep your dog during the day and night?
  11. General Discussion
    We are drywalling today and then trying to lay our ground plans for our indoor set up, since we have such rainy weather up here 70% of the year it just makes more sense to have an indoor kennel then outdoor. We are thinking of putting up chinlink kennels in there possibly 3-4 plus a play area...
  12. Pictures
    I have been bored so i took some pics of the dogs. I would have took some outdoor pics but it was raining and the yard is muddy so i have indoor pics, Thanks for looking
  13. General Discussion
    We have a crappy carpet and pretty much need to be replaced. But i dont want to replace it with carpet.... i want something else. Somethign easy to clean, cheap, and would be a plus if i can install my self. its a small room. the underneath is wood i believe, since we have a basement. Any...
  14. Do-it-Yourself
    So we got some amazing news. WERE HAVING A BABY!!! We have 2 pitbulls and 1 puggle which sleep in a small room next to ours which is all carpet. Ofcourse weve had mistakes or i should say, THEY had mistakes. So the carpet isnt doing so well. I want to change out the carpet, but want to ask...
  15. General Discussion
    Just looking for some opinions on what you guys think about a indoor dog park.I was recently hurt on my job and receiving a settlement and thinking of starting my own business.I have nerve damage to my left arm so I will not be returning to union carpentry .and I would love to get paid wile...
  16. Obedience Training
    In the process of moving from an apartment to a house with a yard. Im trying to convert my dog into an outdoor dog. Any advice. Hes been very stubbor and whines to come back inside whenever im not out there with him. thanks guys and gals
  17. Pictures
    here is Peanuts indoor springpole
  18. Obedience Training
    I just bought a year old razor/gotti pit from a buddy of mine. He has always been outside and he is very hyper and I want to bring him inside because its starting to get cold and nobody to steal him. I'm worried that he is going to tear everthing up inside when he isn't in his crate and I'm also...
1-20 of 20 Results