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  1. Pictures
    Here a few pics of a young pup off of Wrath x Rage. He is 8 months and coming along nicely. Already catching well, just needs more experience.
  2. Pictures
    A few pics of the female I kept off of Wrath x Rage.
  3. Pictures
    None of these pups are available, just sharing ;) These are the females from the Wrath x Rage breeding. They 8 weeks old now and a lot of fun!
  4. Pictures
    Check out my buddy Cory hog snatchin down in Big Cypress with Southern Inferno's Marcel from the Nat. Geo Wild show "Swampmen". Marcel is the red catch dog with the camera on his back.
  5. Pictures
    We got our first white Christmas this year. Think the pups enjoyed it. Rage Goofy dog getting ready to take off running Rage and Pyro Rage and Hemi. Rage already going for the ear. Should make a good hog dog when shes grown! Hemi decided to try to eat all the snow off the dog...
  6. Pictures
    Our new baby girl: Hey wasshap peeps! getting to know Mr. Lex Enjoying a new little toy She's the sweetest thing ever & Dave was awesome, also met us at a shorter distance which meant more time to see family. :woof:
  7. Pictures
    Not the greatest video and not the biggest hog, just a nice little sow, but Im still happy to get something on video. Anyone thats been on a hunt know its not easy with everything thats going on.
  8. Pictures
    Snow came pooring down earlier, snapped some pics of Pyro and Hemi enjoying it.
  9. Pictures
    Recieved some updated pics of Madussa in Jordan. Just thought I would share. Recieved this video this morning of her first time on the bite sleeve. He said on the first bite, as you can see in the video, she realesed the bite right away because she wasnt sure if she was allowed, but...
  10. Pictures
    Hemi at 20 months Dang dog had to mess up some good pics with that big ole tongue, lol.
  11. Pictures
    Recieved some updated pics of Southern Inferno's Ozzy down in FL. Wish I was enjoying some of their nice weather. I dont do well in this cold :)
1-16 of 17 Results