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  1. Bullies 101
    Listen to the devils den kennels interview at 28:30 -they spoke the truth! NEW JERSEY BULLY SHOW...... - YouTube!
  2. Off Topic Pitbull Lounge
    Tomorrow I go in for my second interview for this job. This company is a pest control company and they use golden retrievers to go in and sniff the bed bugs out! I'd be joining them as a new handler on a dog team. :) I start at $12/hr, full medical/dental insurance, 401k, two weeks paid...
  3. The Booth
    The Bully Booth with Bully the Kid 10/9pm CST and 7pm PST Dave Wilson speaks on: The ABKC, Razors Edge, Elite Edge, the boards, the banning and he also speaks out about the lies, lawsuits, crooks, thieves, jealousy, dictatorships, forums, trademarks and other registries. Tune in to hear...
  4. General Discussion
    This was on one of my horse forums I look at and thought it would be fun! This is to be answered by your pooch or pooches :) Lets hear about em'! *What's your full name?: *Nicknames? (Most likely said in various tones of baby talk): *Breed: *Age: *Color: *When/How Did You Come To Live With...
  5. History
    Interview With Sonny Sykes ALL ACCOUNTS ARE FICTIONAL, AND SHOULD BE VIEWED AS SUCH: An Interview With Legendary Dogman Sonny Sykes: “HOW OLD ARE YOU?” was my first question! “I’m 47 years old and I was 9 years old when I saw my first dogfight. “Where were you last night? What’s all that...
1-5 of 29 Results