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  1. General Discussion
    Hey There, Fellow Pit-Lovers! I'm NEW here. So, I'd really like to introduce everyone to, The Love of My Life (My Furry-Lil-Meatball) Kane. As his 'Hooman', I tried to select pics that illustrate his, goofy, silly, fun-loving, incredibly intelligent & amazingly sweet personality...Enjoy! Sent...
  2. New Member Introductions
    In the event that you have a canine and another one will enter or going to your home, there are things you can do to guarantee that the meeting goes off effortlessly. Another puppy can mean you are bringing home a cultivate or another relative, somebody who has a pooch is moving into your home...
  3. Pictures
    He's 4 months old.
  4. Pictures
    This is my girl Freyja... she was about 6 weeks old in this pic... my youngest has claimed her since we brought her home She is 5 months old now... and has done a lot of growing... Freyja has a 2 year old sister who is a border collie/beagle mix, and an 8 year old brother that is JRT...
  5. pitbull behavior
    hello there fellow dog lovers, its been some time since mi last post i come to you with a question for ideas on how to introduce a male american bully to another male american bullies terretory. heres de reason, im going to be going away for about 3 months because of school stuff and my mother...
  6. Pictures
    Got this little man a couple weeks ago, although I couldn't stop from constantly visiting him after he was 2 weeks old haha He's now a little over 10 weeks!
  7. Pictures
    Ricochet, my blue and white female am bully(4 months) and Judas my other am bully (4 weeks old in pics). <3 they are the loves of my life.
  8. Pictures
    Meet my newest addition. Thanks to FH :) Picked her up from the airport Friday night and she has adjusted well very quickly.
  9. General Discussion
    Aloha from Hawaii! It's been a while since I've last updated. Long story short, my husband and I decided to foster a dog because we have been wanting to help out any way we could when it comes to dogs in need. Lily was heartworm positive and until she was fostered or adopted the shelter was not...
  10. Pictures
    I am always looking at everyone's adorable pups and I just had the pleasure of adding to our family. This is Grey he's 4 months old now but we adopted him about a month ago.
  11. Pictures
    here is a pic of my pup, she is under weight, i think will post better pics tomorrow, they say 4 months old but idk. i havent picked a name for her yet.
  12. Pictures
    He is a new addition to my household. First dog I have owned! He is going through basic obedience training now.
  13. Pictures
    Carter's Wanted Dead or Alive, call name Outlaw. He's an 8 week old Black Lab, I got him from a local hunter's litter. He's a big boy with big paws. He's starting mine and Takoda's healing process and since Beau left some mighty big paw prints and Outlaw has some big paws :) I know it seems...
  14. General Discussion
    Soooo with Oso getting so big now and always being a inside dog I am going to start keeping him outside where he will have WAY more space for himself than staying outside. Although I would have to probably upgrade the current fence to 6ft to avoid him jumping once hes bigger. Whats the best way...
  15. pitbull behavior
    Hi, I have a 7 yr female (spayed) I rescued when she was 6mo old. 4 days ago I rescued a 7mo female (not spayed) and of course she wants to play with the older pit who keeps teeth baring and goes after the newbie, no blood drawn yet. The pup keeps coming back for more and doesn't let up, anyone...
1-16 of 99 Results