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  1. Pictures
    Just a few updated pics of my young gun Wrath. He is developing into a heck of a catch dog. With my Rage bitch bred, Wrath has had to step up as the main catch dog. He has passed the ivory test and will be seeing a lot of work the rest of this year and next. Planning a trip south this...
  2. Pictures
    Young dog coming along nicely.
  3. Pictures
    And then a few more just for fun What a beautiful boy! "Give me that TREAT!" "This isn't what I ment lady!"
  4. Pictures
    A few pics of Rage from the other day. 3 months old ;) ONLINE PEDIGREES :: [365976] :: B.SHUMARD'S IRISH RAGE Unbelievable little shake for a pup, lol.
  5. General Discussion
    I just got a crazy idea......but wanted to know what would you do....if you had the opportunity to breed a Irish Staff with a APBT would you do it????????????
  6. General Discussion
    Have any of you heard of these dogs? Sounds like they are a handful. What gets me is that in the temperment section it tells you they are great family dogs but then you read down and it tell you that they are "Not Recommened For Most Families"...
  7. Bloodline Discussion
    Howya fellas! Just wondering if anybody's got any idea what bloodline my dog has? first of all he's been bred over here in Ireland,he's 14mths old about 65 lbs weight wise, he's got a red nose and he's all white with tan patches any help would be greatly appreciated cheers!
  8. BSL Discussion
    Ireland has called for the mandatory banning of all dangerous dogs listed on the restricted breed list outlined below. 2007 is a general election year in Ireland and Joe Costello-the labour MP who made the statement-is rising to the hysteria resulting from the tragic killing of Ellie Lawrenson...
  9. Keith "Cane76" Campos
    Ive been very impressed with what ive seen from the isbt..ive seen photos and heard that the dog has been around for 100s of years,ive also heard that the dog is basically a cross of staffy bull and game bred apbt that has came to popularity after the banning of the apbt in the u.k,and is very...
1-9 of 10 Results