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  1. General Discussion
    Hello my name is Rob and this is my first post. I recently purchased a dog from Iron King Kennels and was wondering if anyone has had anything to do with them. Personally I was very satisfied with the open communication and friendly yet professional manner we spoke. As far as the dog he was the...
  2. Event Results and Event Photos
    Team No F.E.A.R. Pulled out the heavy arsenal and killed it this weekend. The event was Iron Dog Nationals and boy did the Team go Hard! Here is a Recap of all the titles that were earned and wins for the weekend: Punisher earned his DHT, IDWP3, and IDOB1 Titles took 2nd Place in 60-80lb weight...
  3. General Discussion
    Hi Everyone Just curious to know, has anyone here heard of Iron Cross Kennels run by a breeder named Roman (sorry don't have a last name) and possibly another man named Dave Wilson. Just curious for some insight/input. I heard the name on a reality show and for some reason it grabbed my...
  4. Events, Results & Photos
    This event is to help out the "FOSCIK Children's Shelter" in Chicago IL, it for a GREAT Cause! DATE: October 9th & 10th 2010 LOCATION: State Forest Preserve near Chicago Illinois COST: $50.00 Pre-Entry by September 30th / $55.00 Day of event / Spectator fee $2. WHAT THE EVENT INTELS: Length...
  5. The Goldmine
    i forgot to post about this when i first heard about it. did anyone else hear anything about this?
  6. Pictures
    heres some pictures of my new xxxl bully CAPO
  7. Bloodline Discussion
    Soooooo I am just intrigued but this dog Jada they have and I just contacted them about a puppy. They have bred her but are keeping all the purple tri's (that is what they are calling them) darn it! I really think Jada is a great looking dog and I would like to see how the puppies turn out sine...
  8. General Discussion
    Any one familar. IMO absolutely gorgeous big & TALL APBTS ironkingkennels.com
  9. General Discussion
    well its cold up here thats for sure , it got down to -51 one night and was -31 two days ago . the wind chill is killer , it cuts to the bone . the job is going good . I would post up some pic but have no way to do that here in the hotel . the night life was cool at first , well its like this...
  10. General Discussion
    Did anyone see the (new) Iron Mask Show last nite? The last subject/person brought VERY BAD PRESS for the pit bull. He was obviously an inner city dogfighter who admitted (behind his mask of anonymity) that he and his people steel peoples' beloved pets to toss to his pit bulls to 'train' them...
  11. Bloodline Discussion
    Is anyone on this forum familiar with this bloodline? I like the look of the dogs they produce but cant afford them. I've seen prices over $7000 for a puppy.WOOOOOOW!!!!! If anyone owns a dog from this bloodline, or familiar with someone that does, I would appreciate any info. Thanks!!!
1-11 of 20 Results