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  1. Pictures
    Isaac and Sadie Isaac and Sadie again Isaac side view of his mohawk Sadie running Sadie waiting for the ball to be thrown. Tired girl is a good girl LOL Sadie Boo
  2. Pictures
    Here are some updated pics, he is now around 11 months. I finally got ahold of his pedigree and must say was quite surprised, he has TONS of razors edge on his dam side and TONS of dogs with Hawaiian names on his sire side, all the way back seven generations. I am not big into the dog...
  3. Pictures
    Here is Isaac at seven months and one week, he weighs 70 pounds. What on earth is going on here!?! Can anyone help me understand why this dog is so big? I really can't figure it out. lol. Any ideas, is maybe mastiff or somthing way back in his bloodline? Maybe just some big pitbull?? For those...
  4. Pictures
    Finally some more pics, took awhile, here is Isaac at about five months or so, was his first time on a boat and he enjoyed very much herding the crabs we brought up into the basket! bout wore him out too, as you can tell from the second pic.
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    oops, disregard and see same titled thread. mods delete please. thanks
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    3 months, in his brothers harness, he loves it and should make a great pull dog in a year or so. these pics are bigger, as promised. he still thinks its to cold to be outside though, as you can see from his expression, wait till we get to philly in the winter!:D
  7. Pictures
    Heres my little buddy Isaac at a little over 8 weeks now, he is doing good and enjoying himself all day pretty much. Before everyone pummels me with inquisitions about his bloodline and legitimacy (LOL) I will say that I am not entirely sure. He and his siblings were the result of an...
1-8 of 8 Results