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  1. General Discussion
    Well as stupid as it sounds Ivy got her tongue stuck in our paper shredder just a few minutes ago. Needless to say blood is very where and her tongue pretty torn up. Can a vet stitch back up or do they just let it heal up on its own?
  2. Pictures
    Here's a few photos I shot of Poison Ivy today. She's 8 ½ months old. I'm not sure of her weight right now, but I would guess somewhere around 35Lbs - 38Lbs. She's an absolute terror! [edit 10/28/2009] I pulled the scale out of the garaged today and Ivy weighs in at 35Lbs.
  3. Pictures
    Here's a few photos I shot today with my point-n-shoot. They're of Ivy with my parents and my brothers Boston Terriers. Yes, Boston Terriers are the only true Pocket Pits!!! [IMG]
  4. Pictures
    Ivy & Lux just loves playing with their springpole. This was the first and last time they played with it together.
  5. Pictures
    My wife Lori and I celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary last Thursday. Because I just recently started a new job (reason I have been on much lately) I don't really have any vacation time. So we decided to spend a four days up in Cambria California. I checked on line and found a great dog...
  6. Pictures
    Little Miss Poison Ivy is almost 5 months old and weighing in at 22lbs. She's a real piece of work and quite a handful. We can't get over how quick she's growing. I hope it slows down I don't really want another dog the size of Lux. Sorry I haven't been on much lately, but the new job is keeping...
  7. Pictures
    We got Ivy's ears done last Tuesday. Here's a few photos she healing up really well.
  8. Pictures
    Here are a few photos from the battle royal that when on for over 20 minutes this morning. They were having a blast! Sorry for the poor image quality but my point and shoot is crapping out. Ivy turned!
  9. Pictures
    Here are few photo I shot today of Ivy. She's 10 weeks old and weighing in at 7Lbs. Her and Lux are now doing great. She can't stop chewing on his face and he just lets her.
  10. Pictures
    Well we don't acceptance, but we do have some level of tolerance. They got off to a rough start, but Lux is warming up to Ivy. We can walk them together behind my office with no problems. At home they have to be very closely monitored because Lux is still a little over powering. We're making...
  11. Pictures
    Well we picked up Poison Ivy. She's eight weeks old and weighs in at 6lbs.Here are a few shot from this morning. She's got a super great personality very adventurous . The introduction with Lux did not go as planned. Most dogs that I've introduced a pup to usually don't want to have anything to...
  12. Health & Nutrition
    well, looks like my lil angel is being tormented by poison ivy on her underbelly where thes not much hair. is there anything i can do? i kno in the wild they would have to tough it out but seems like maybe i could get medicine for it nowadays, well hurry and tell me what to do! thanks
21-32 of 32 Results