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    This happened once or twice before when she was a pup , it is gettin increasingly harder to deal with .. She is stranger shy/Agressive .. She doesnt lunge at them , no hackles standing up just a very strong stance and a quick panicked bark ... What are some tips you guys can give me .. I have...
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    Lets play mom before conditioning 1 week after Cant really see her well but you can see that muscle lol she was barking at my cat =]
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    She was bein a crazy girl today so I took advantage and got a few pics =D This is how she starts her day everyday , looking out the window to see whats goin on in the neighborhood.Look to the left Then the right lol Running around the backyard with her blue devil toy .. Then she dropped...
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    Relaxing in the house=D happy pitbull , her bully friends in the backround =] From left to right Izzo Diesle Baby , the best of friends and the worst of enemies.. ps it was garbage day sorry lol Thanks everyone for looking =D
1-5 of 5 Results