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    It's weird to think about this when it's 101* out and my thermostat is broken, but..... Winter will be here and Bizmark will need a jacket or sweat shirt or something to stay warm. Does anybody have brand recommendations? Nothing in the pet store fits him well at all. (Maggie has enough...
  2. Pictures
    I don't like to buy my animals clothes...But this was to much to resist. Besides,we had a long walk,and it was really wet out. yes,that is how I justify buying this.:rofl:
  3. Pictures
    Which one is my gift dad:)? Lets go play! snowwww~ im' getting sleepy now night night!
  4. General Discussion
    I purchased one for Vendetta. She is a very excitable girl always walking around wiggling her butt acting silly. I read where this jacket is suppose to calm them down. I recieved it last week on tuesday. I wanted to wait to use it when I would be around. I put it her on this morning when after...
  5. Pictures
    brough kyza this yesterday i though it was quite cute, shes loves it.
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    So I originally bought this jacket for Nevaeh and by the time it finally got to me it didn't fit her anymore so the other day it was cold outside and I figured I would try it on Faith, man she was soooo Adorable in it. Also, yesterday was her very first time to walk on a leash and she did...
1-6 of 6 Results