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  1. General Discussion
    Grandma Slump: Pitbulls, Sex Offenders, And Jake Brakes :confused:
  2. Pictures
    So i finally got the time to get a couple of pics of Jake, my four and half month red amstaff pup. Let me just say that I LOVE this puppy! He is the perfect puppy anyone could ask for. He's calm when you just want ot be hanging out and wild like a little crazy puppy when you're ready to play. he...
  3. Pictures
    havent taken any pics of him in a while.. thought id take a few today snoozin lol
  4. Pictures
    both of them wore out from the flirtpole here's a pic i messed with out photoshop and here's the flirtpole vid lol.. i had to record it myself while working the flirtpole so its not that great lmao
  5. Pictures
    found some good ones
  6. Pictures
    and me sounding super gay lol.. this is actually the first time she'd ever held on to it..
  7. Pictures
    lol only got a few of darla, she never sits still
  8. Pictures
    Me and nicole worked everything out.. and she moved back in!!! super excited!! but anyway i just took a few randoms earlier(and he wouldnt quit barking while i was taking pics lol)
  9. Pictures
    2 peas in a pod!!lol
  10. Pictures
    heres jake when he was a pup, with my friends husky when he was a pup lol
  11. General Discussion
    well, i was walking jake yesterday and when i got back to the house the lady that lives behind me on my block called me over.. i have talked to her a couple times and shes actually deaf but she reads lips..but anyway she called me over and as i was walking up she was live does he bite, and i...
  12. Pictures
    hes startin to like it YouTube - jake vid 2 YouTube - jake lol you cant take s stick away from him!!
  13. Pictures
    lol sorry soo many pics
1-20 of 26 Results