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  1. Pictures
    Here are some more pictures! Wasn't using an image host, wasn't thinking, until today. Hope you enjoy! We will be taking some better pictures of him this weekend at the park to show his body standing and playing/running. Have a great day!:pupruns:
  2. Pictures
    Hello all! Just joined the forums officially and wanted to post a nice repertoire of pictures of our boy Jax. He is 7 months old as of July 4th, and right above 50lbs. Here are pictures from the day we got him until just a few days ago. I'm also posting a few videos tomorrow. Anyways, hope you...
  3. Pictures
    Well I posted in the introduction forum about the rescue I had taken in named king, the previous owner said he didn't have time for him and his wife didn't take care of him, he was chained to a tree and was nothing but skin and bones but with eating right and proper exercise he is filling out...
  4. Pictures
    Jax is my blue pup! 6 weeks old (left) 9 weeks old (right)
  5. Pictures
    Jax is growing fast, he is just a little over 5 months old now, I took a few pics of him with my nephew on our walk down by the railroad tracks.
  6. Pictures
    I posted these in another thread to answer someone's question, but am posting them here cuz I was planning to anyways. :) My friend shows, WPs and does Rally with Jax. He has his CH. in conformation, with a title each in WP and rally. Being good in his crate. Cooling off on the hardwood...
  7. General Discussion
    My husband and I are moving to Jacksonville, NC with our 2 pits. **We need to stay in a hotel the night b4 closing on our house and possibly the night after we close depending on when the deed is recorded... Every hotel I have looked at only allows 1 dog per room, has outrageous pet fees, or...
  8. Pictures
    our new puppy...2 months old with our weimararner.
  9. Pictures
    Had to share. He is getting so big already! He's being such a good boy,but he reeeally wants some of that oatmeal: one of his favorite resting spots:
  10. BSL Discussion
    I'm not sure if this belongs here (apologies in advance if I'm posting improperly) .... I've been trying to find an apartment or house to rent in Jacksonville, FL. (I currently live with a roommate who owns his home so it hasn't been a problem).... I've made over 16 calls and am getting the...
  11. Pictures
    Here are a few pics taken earlier with my boy Jax. We were just goofing off with a jack-legged flirtpole...ha ha. I want to build a mini agilty-like course in the side yard with a few jumps, an A-frame a couple of tunnels,etc.....I really don't know much about agility training but would like to...
  12. General Discussion
    Figured if it was ok, I would let you guys know about the documentary we've been working on for the past year. My cousin, after watching a sucessful documentary about Oakee Noodling(grabbing large catfish from under rocks bare handed) had an idea to produce a similar style documentary on canine...
  13. General Discussion
    Has Anyone Heard Of This Show Going On, On The 13th Of This Month In Jaxsonville, Florida? A Friend Of Mine Called Me Today And Said It Was A New Club That Started, Said It Was Adba, And I Think He Said Gamedog, Joined Together.......any Info...........?????????????
1-13 of 13 Results