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    She's back - 4 months, 3 weeks(19 weeks) - She now weighs in at 42 pounds. Any guess at her breed? Here's an imgur album, there are four pictures that are much larger - Jayda - 19 weeks - Imgur
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    It has been a several several months since I posted pictures of Jayda. She is now 2 years old and continuing to be the best dog ever. No one has accept my new family like she has. :) My Family Jayda and Emma
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    Hello everyone. I just adopted a pit from my local SPCA... The vet there said she looks all pit, but she wasn't sure. This little girl was 17 pounds at 12 weeks old... she's 3 months old to the dot today. She was found in a garbage bag at our local hospital.. someone rescued her, and I just...
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    THE PARK!!!! :) On the way and sooo excited! Seriously....we are here and you are snapping pictures...lets go! I SEE THAT DOG! Decent pose for once Just let me smell him mom! One by the waterfall My favorite picture Go Pitbull.com logo :)
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    Finally got her smiling Let me know guys
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    Don't worry mom I got it juuuussttt a sec! HERE I COME! I got the hang of this now! LOOK MOM! I lost a tooth!! Holdup! Is that BarBQ???? 5 months old yesterday...she is starting to fill out now.
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    So here is the new girl. l Like this mommy?? There is a hole..."RIGHT THERE!!" YOU CANT CATCH ME
1-7 of 7 Results