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  1. Pictures
    It's been a while since I've been postiong on here due to my busy schedule. Woke up this morning to see snow everywhere, so decided to take Jazmine out far a walk and here are the pics. She is coming up to 18 months now: And heres one I couldn't resist :lol I hope you...
  2. Pictures
    Here are some more recent photos of Jaz, they were took when she was about 10 months. I have more recent photos of her but need to upload them. I hope you like. Here she is lying on our bed: Asleep on the couch: A close up of slobber chops: Here is one of the latest photos of her I...
  3. General Discussion
    Today is my girl Jaz's first birthday. 1 year old and hopefully many more to come from her as she's an amazing dog. I'll post some recent photos of her soon as she's come on leaps and bounds. Her stats at the moment are , weight 45lbs, 20" to the shoulder, 17" neck. Happy birthday girl :woof:
  4. General Discussion
    Jaz is coming up to a year old in 2 weeks time, and I now have a major cause for concern regarding her. She's been crate trained since the day I got her at 6 weeks old. At 6 months old I left her out of the crate during day times due to her showing none destructiveness........Wrong, she chewed...
  5. Obedience Training
    I have a problem with Jaz. Over the last few weeks, Jaz has been chewing on random things around the house. She has chewed my cable tv, my skirting, my plastic door frame, demolished the flower bed, chewed the carpet on the stairs e,t,c. Now Jaz and poppy are free to roam the back garden and...
  6. Pictures
    Thought i'd post some latest photos I took of Jaz while out for a walk. She is just over 5 months now and getting big and strong. Hmmm, there is something moving in the field....... There is something there for sure...... Hey poppy, what do you think ?...... I must be imagining things...
  7. Obedience Training
    Hi, just the last couple of days, i've caught Jaz eating her own poo whilst she out of her crate playing outside ? I belive this is normal for a pitbul puppy. How do I get her to stop doing this as after she gobbled up a bit, she comes over to try and lick my face :poop: Thanks.
  8. General Discussion
    O.K. When I take my dog out for a walk anywhere, she is always beside me on a leash. We don't have dog parks over here so we have to walk in footpaths or along nearby cliffs. There are possibilitys that you will come accross another dog, so I try and take Jaz out as late as possible so it's...
  9. Pictures
    Here are some pics of Jaz that I took today.She is now 10 weeks old yesterday. Here she is having a walk on the local clifftops. On the way home in the van after walkys. And playing with her kong wubba. Fast asleep after a long busy day.
1-9 of 9 Results