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  1. Pictures
    Anyone know how the title would be added to the name.... Laughter's Outlaw Jesse James SD (I think, but not sure, haven't sent the papers to have it done!) Sorry for the poor quality...taken as HDR on Iphone and uploaded to Flickr...then Flickr didn't want to show up, so tried Photobucket...
  2. Pictures
    It's been a long time since I was here last. Hope everyone is doing well.
  3. General Discussion
    My wife just sent me this from TMZ. Jesse James and Cinnabun - Reunited!!! Posted Feb 17th 2010 2:30PM by TMZ Staff And this is the photo of man/dog reunited. Jesse got a call this AM from a woman who saw a picture of the missing doggie on a flier. The woman brought the dog to Jesse's shop...
  4. Pictures
    Ok so here is a pic of each of them, I took my camera out not knowing the battery was low so these were all I got. I am off this coming weekend so I will try to get more, but there saying we might have another snowstorm (we jsut got like 7 inches last night, though you can't tell from these...
  5. Pictures
    Ok so I haven't been here in ages....seriously!!! I am Carol and these are my boys, Cool Hand Luke (aka Lukinator) and Jesse James. I don't have anything really new so I will post some old ones....I will try and get some new ones though..lol. I need a new camera. So here we go..... Luke he is...
  6. Pictures
    Mater is a year old Nigerian Dwarf whether (castrated male). He and Jesse play quite frequently (not in the house usually!) If the media had this the headline would read viscous Pit Bull attacks baby miniature goat...and they wouldn't show the multiple times Mater slams Jesse!
  7. Pictures
    Just wanted to share a few of Laughter's Outlaw Jesse James and his springpole! And one of Jesse with his partner in crime, Jack
  8. Pictures
    So I know I haven't been hear in awhile just been busy. I stop by just don't say much. Here are a few pics. I had treats in my hand so I had thier attention for a few minutes. I was trying to get Luke to do his "aroooooo" but Jesse wouldn't allow it.
  9. Pictures
    Since it was preety nice out today I decided to let the boys out so they could have a good time. It's been cold and they have been couped up. Well I tried to get some shots, but like normal thier blurry. I did manage to get some okay ones and there are some blurry ones too. This was the...
  10. Pictures
    More pics...........lol. My new Fav........ Mommy and this stupid camera..here is one of each of us..... and now we are soooo over it.
  11. Pictures
    So Luke has never been a chewer so his knog is still in one piece he only eats the peanut butter and treat out if it and thats it. Jesse on the other hand eats the peanut butter and treat plus more...lol. They never get there kongs unless me or my husband are around and they never left in there...
  12. Pictures
    Jesse likes to hold things in his mouth. He will go potty with them in his mouth, he'll bark with them in his mouth. I got a soccer ball for him and it lastest about 20 minutes.... Lesson learned. No more balls. Here is the soccer ball And the bowl for water I leave outside then I caught...
  13. Pictures
    Running around the yard having fun luke loves the chase game so he is always trying to get Jesse to chase him. This pic is blurry, but I saw Luke's back leg and was Lmao... and if you look closely they each only have one leg touching the ground. and just some heads shots afterwards Jesse...
  14. Pictures
    Thier mainly of Jesse, with a few of Luke. Waiting for Luke to come around the corner so he can pounce! Just posing My new fav. Action shots your not getiing my stick buddy!! Wrestling (Luke doesn't take any crap outside, he is boss poor Jesse he has some war wounds) Pile on (the...
  15. General Discussion
    My babies!!!!! Just wanted to share some recent pics. Jesse is getiig so big. I can't believe how fast they grow. Enjoy.
  16. General Discussion
    He is now 17 weeks old although these pics are from about 14/15 weeks till now. He is starting to kick up dirt (that what I call it) after he potties. It's soo cute cuz he just does it once and and only alittle bit of dirt goes flying. When Luke does it he practically uses all four legs and dirt...
1-16 of 16 Results