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  1. Pictures
    Two cgc dogs doing what they love best :) playing around acting like Goofballs lol The only one missing is ruby :( peanut is a manic and wanted to go after Onyx so he is in permanent time out lol
  2. Pictures
    Look at how freaking adorable she is onyx his staffy is going to have a play buddy :) I want to steal her lol ;)
  3. Pictures
    I had to post Jimmy's Staffy I love that dog wow :roll::love:
  4. General Discussion
    I went this Saturday for a bowling fundraiser for this dog. His story touched me so I linked to the blog page cuz maybe it'll touch you. JIMMY'S JOURNEY
  5. The Pitbull Lounge
    m going to put this post here since poems are art-hopefully it's in the right category!. Here is a poem from Jimmy Stewart about his dog, Beau Beau He never came to me when I would call Unless I had a tennis ball, Or he felt like it, But mostly he didn't come at all. When he was young He...
1-5 of 7 Results