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  1. Pictures
    It was a while ago, but here some pictures of my dogs in the park. This is Lola, 5 yrs young: And here some pics of Jojo 2,5 yrs young: Finally home Gr Jim
  2. Pictures
    For the first time outside with my daughter in law Nina With my grandson Jaylen Lola want also a place on my lab In the garden enjoying the spring sun Take a nap after playing.
  3. The Family Room
    JoJo, our family cat, was a great looking Medium Haired Orange w/ White coat male cat & was about 7 or 8 years old. We took him in when he was around a year old, my younger sister would feed him and my older sister ended taking him to her place. As we moved a few times my older sister ended...
  4. Pictures
    She's getting big her she is at 2 months
  5. Pictures
    We've been gone for so long, had a few problems at the end of last year and about 2 weeks ago with our dogs. Toricka had an eye infection and Storm almost took the tip of her tail off. Luckily it healed up and is trying to regrow the hair. They made a year old in January. Since this week has...
  6. Pictures
    YOU NEED TO WATCH THIS! IT WILL MAKE YOUR DAY LOL :clap: jojo and cholo video by mr_fxtr0t - Photobucket
1-6 of 8 Results