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    Zoom! Must...get...ball... Uh...Luna...what do I do with it? Whee! Dis mah ball! You no has! I tol' you...dis MAH ball! Not yours, Noona! Bwahahaha...I won. Why'd you hafta call me back?! You suck, Ma! I can't quite...grrr...get in mah mouf! Such a sexy lil' girl... Gimme...
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    i got this for Daisy for her birthday.. but Dre has claimed it as his.. lol .. time to buy Daisy a bite toy for her springpole its not the bouncy one, its the 10" hard plastic one.. has a plug to put stuff in it, so i put marbles so it would rattle
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    sorry for my annoying dog talk. but this was Tiva and her jolly ball today. she LOVES them
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    LOL we bought sweetpea a jolly ball, he has a hard time letting go lol I gotta work this boy this is him not worked i can imagin the result of working him properly
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    Ok so I think I got the wrong size jolly ball because this thing is literally bigger than her head and half her body LOL. But none the less she loves it . She popped one! So I am now monitoring Jolly Ball Play !!! LMFAO! I will be getting some pics of the other 2 later on. Here she is my little...
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    So I finally got off my lazy bum and took the kids to the park today. We spent about an hour and a half there. It was really fun, lots of people stopped to say how gorgeous they are. Hehe so of course I showed them off like a proud momma. SO here's the kids at the park.
1-7 of 7 Results