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  1. Pictures
    Haven't been on for a little while - this video is long, but we were so proud at the end when the dogs were responding to different commands having to listen for their owner's voice. Today is my 70th birthday and as my daughter keeps telling me Josey keeps me young. We have so much fun with her.
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    This is pretty long, but posting anyway.
  3. Pictures
    The grandchildren were here today with their fun glasses!
  4. Pictures
    Couldn't help getting the camera to catch Miss Josey snoozing in the yard. She caught me Josey your underbite is showing! Contentment So mean to take such an ugly pic, but she makes me laugh!
  5. Pictures
    Josey is going to Day Camp tomorrow at our training center - They are having a St. Patrick's Day contest. How do you think she will do? Believe it or not she seems to like having it on! :)
  6. Pictures
    Haven't been on here for awhile - here is my latest video of Josey. The was 2 yrs on Christmas day. We are still doing weekly training sessions. She is still a great girl - friendly to all!
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  8. Health & Nutrition
    Josey woke up in the middle of the night and I let her out for potty - very unusual for her. Then she slept an hour over her normal morning wake up time - and didn't have much interest for her food. She did finally eat it all over a period of an hour, but she is normally drooling as I have her...
  9. Pictures
    One year on Christmas day. All of a sudden she isn't looking like a puppy anymore.
  10. General Discussion
    Not sure where this should be posted but here goes. Josey is now a little over a year and I've been noticing a few new things in her behavior. She has seemed a little anxious in the last few weeks on walks - The last two nights she has put her fur up on her back when passing skate boarders -...
  11. General Discussion
    We have had Josey for four months. She sleeps well in her crate all night. We haven't left her alone too often and so far only for an hour or an hour and a half at a time. Tonight was the longest for three hours. This may sound silly, but I have videotaped her each time we leave and almost...
  12. Pictures
    Josey spent 4 days with my daughter and her two dogs this week while our 3.5 year old twin granchildren visited. She had a great time and my daughter took this funny picture of the three of them having their dinner. The flash just caught them right. It was posted on FB with a comment saying...
  13. Pictures
    Josey came from a rescue group after her mom and 5 siblings were seized from somewhere by AC. My daughter saw her mom but, no idea who the daddy was. We adopted her 2 mo. ago.
1-14 of 14 Results