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  1. Pictures
    So Miss Jubi made it to jax on 2/1 she is doing awesome and her new family LOVES her. Brought her to the vet and she weights only 5.6lb so is smaller than i thought she was going to be but pretty much perfect size :D. Here are a few quick picture as i had a horrible camera so i will post more...
  2. Adopt a Bulls
    Story by Amy W. When my friend Nancy stopped her car in a city near Albany, New York to help a stray pit bull, I never suspected that five months later I would adopt the beautiful white and brown dog. Nancy turned the stray dog over to the local animal control officer and the dog, who was soon...
  3. The Pitbull Lounge
    I dropped her off to the person transporting her, this morning, and it went without a hitch!! She'll be staying overnight at their place and then she'll be making a slight detour to Missouri to pick up another dog and then off to Florida she goes. She should be there some time on Tuesday if...
  4. Pictures
    Here you get to see what life is like with an incredibly toy-focused dog. :D
  5. Pictures
    Again, ignore crazy puppy voice! Kane's in the other room eating his treat, so I'm trying to keep Jubi occupied in the kitchen. :p Just the dogs goofing around.
  6. Pictures
    I was going to just do one gigantic huge post, but apparently, I need to make shorter videos because the video I'm currently uploading to Youtube was only ~10 mins long and still has 591 mins to go, lol. omg, only 9 more hours! (Although it has gone down from 888 mins, lol.) I only have like 4...
  7. Pictures
    ^ She was such a little stinkpot in that last pic. Kane was playing with his stuffingless raccoon toy and she pranced up to him all coy and licked his face and stuff, and then grabbed it and tried to run away with it back into her Xpen, lol. It's probs 2-3 times as big as her AND the Xpen has a...
1-8 of 8 Results