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  1. Obedience Training
    Hi everyone! I'm new here and so far I am finding a lot of useful information. So I have my wonderful pittie Remy (Remy Labeau :) ), we rescued Remy and besides a few accidents in the beginning, Remy has been the most amazing pittie ever! But he is falling short in one area...he jumps up at...
  2. General Discussion
    I have a 4 1/2 feet fence in my front yard.and in my back yard is 8 feet do I have to worry about him jumping the front fence. the back yard is huge I can box off huge space so he can run in the summer and stuff. Another thing I did not think about.lol
  3. Obedience Training
    Nala is now sitting, spinning, staying, and "gimme your paw"ing, 100% -- inside and out. She will come and wake me up to be let outside. Screams at the door for an hour if she has to. She knows how to play fetch and has been a dream to train; seriously, textbook. I know this issue we are...
  4. General Discussion
    I wanna teach her to jump But I don't know what is the why to do it to protect her from injuries She is 7 month old Any suggestion???(; Thanks for helping (; Sent from my iPhone using PG Free
  5. Pictures
    We had a lot of fun today, I was told there were only a few dogs at this event last year, this time there were over 40. I believe we had 4 heats each time, and ended up having to start the latter jumps later than planned because it was taking so long. Dakota's best for the weekend was the same...
  6. General Discussion
    My 60 lb male APBT is about 20 months old and full grown. I have NEVER seen him jump. If I hold a treat up above him he will stretch up and stand on his back legs and try to reach it but won't jump. My concern is that I just bought a house with a fenced backyard, the fenced portion is...
  7. Conditioning
    hey everyone i was wandering how to increase my dogs jumping ability strait up and also further,thanks in advanse
  8. Obedience Training
    Guys I have a 32 Kg, 4yr old resque pit male by me. He is a brute, built like a brick house, with the hart of a lamb. His name is LEO. He jumps 2.4 meters at home.:rofl: Now he is jumping out of his kennel and out of my yard, then he reaks havock in the nabourhood.:woof: I do not want to chain...
  9. Pictures
    So last night I raised the springpole a little bit and let Penny go at it, here are a few pics and a video of her on it and a couple of the white boy, Orion :D Penny wasn't interested in watching Wrestlemania with us - But was all about watching for squirrels, lol - And we started the night...
  10. Schutzhund
    i am having one hell of a time doing the meter jump. everything else is going GREAT. he is just a lazy lazy jumper. always using the boards to jump off of and not actually jump over. do you all have any sugestions
  11. Agility
    the fiance made a jump out of pvc pipe... the jump isnt very high or anything, but.... the girls just LOVE it! they will jump over it for days, if i ask them! is there a word that is supposed to go with jumping over the bar? cuz i just say 'over' and kinda point my finger at it, and they both...
  12. Schutzhund
    So it's crunch time to get ready for the trail and our club only meets once a week. I do a lot of work at home but do not have a Meter Jump or an A-frame. I went and bought everything for a jump and had my husband put it together. It turned out great!! We also made it for under $30 which is...
  13. General Discussion
    i have a problem with my dog jumping wise. hell run with me and jump over fences and stuff but if i raise a toy or anything out of his reach he just stands on his hinds..hes pretty good at standing straight up i clocked him at 3 minutes once. i want him to jump when i use the flirt pole but once...
  14. Pictures
    I think hes got springpole legs, he loves to jump above everyone else. He waits for everyone to get their hold and then grabs about a foot above them. It is the funniest damn thing. Starting to get out of their puppy faze and learning how to use their bodies. This is the second pole i put up as...
  15. Pictures
    Out playing in the yard today!
  16. Pictures
    This is one of my most fav pics of Lola ever. It was taken after I gave her an icecube the size of her head out of my freezer.. I also love that Duncan is sticking out his tounge at her. I hope you enjoy them both! And just so its fair a crazy picture of Duncan who wont do anything but jump...
  17. Pictures
    s it time to work now???? Mom I'll Jump Through Hoops for You :) See how much I love you!!!! OK Mom It's Time for a walk!!!!
  18. Obedience Training
    Has anyone heard or tried one of these No Jump Harness? If so Do they work? I was at Petsmart today i Chica still likes to Lunge and jump alot. I saw this harness and was curious if it really would work for Chica to train herself?
  19. General Discussion
    I don't think this is the right harness for this but eh it worked . that is one hell of a pull I'd say
1-19 of 20 Results