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    after a long winter hiatus,... 9 month old bulldogs got alittle vinegar in their piss. no more puppy faces. frisco/bolio maverick/alligator/chinaman
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    Virtualpedigree Virtualpedigree
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    If so.... how???? I've been "summoned" or whatever for jury duty EVERY Tuesday for the months of July AND August! To be honest, I wouldn't give a crud if I had to do jury duty if i wasn't the main "bread winner" in my house and Tuesday wasn't one of my long and main work days, I usually work 12...
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    RICHMOND, Va. (FOX 5) -- Michael Vick was indicted Tuesday in Richmond Federal Court by a Grand Jury for conspiracy to transport dogs across state lines for dog fighting. United States Attorney Chuck Rosenberg said, in a press release, Purnell Peace, 35, of Virginia Beach, Virginia; Quanis...
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    It's been more than a year since a pack of dogs attacked and killed a 76-year-old woman outside her home in Thorndale. On Monday, jury selection began for the trail against the dogs' owner, 51-year-old Jose Hernandez. He faces a felony charge of criminally negligent homicide. If convicted, he...
1-6 of 9 Results