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  1. Pit Bulletin Legal News Radio
    September 24, 2013 - DC & Moose-WeWillFinish & Paw Justice "Enough is Enough" DC & Moose-WeWillFinish & Paw Justice "Enough is Enough" 09/24 by Pit Bulletin Legal News | News Podcasts Attorney Fred Kray and the PBLNR crew will discuss the long journey D.C. and Moose had while hiking the...
  2. Pictures
    This is my boy Justice.
  3. General Discussion
    Sorry if this has been posted. If you havent seen it please like the faceebook page. And sign the petition please. http://www.facebook.com/JusticeForChinoAndIvy/app_128953167177144 http://www.facebook.com/JusticeForChinoAndIvy WCNC.com | Charlotte Videos, Breaking News | WCNC.com | News for...
  4. General Discussion
    OK this has been a long time coming--- 3 years to be exact--- but the pilot for my Bossmandude's TV show on Animal Planet airs this Saturday, November 10, 2012 at 11pm EST on Animal Planet. Please tune in and show support for Bully the Kid this Saturday! It airs after Pit Bulls and Parolees...
  5. Pictures
    Just an update on my pup justice he is now 9 mths old 25 inches at the shoulder and 82 lbs. I have a feeling he is going to be quite a big boy. An all around wonderfull dog great with the family and any other dog he has met.
  6. Pictures
    he is 50lbs 21 inches at the shoulder and almost 6 mths old
  7. General Discussion
    Justice for Ice - YouTube So sad, did anyone else hear of this?
  8. Pictures
    Justice @4 mths old he is a pitbull cane corso crosss
  9. Pictures
    I thought I had shared these.... But here they are some nice pics of Justice and a couple of the others ;) Justice I gives you dirty looks from behind Muh Momma Snoop Thought you might like these Stan Xena Crixus Faith
  10. General Discussion
    With my health getting worse and looking at surgery earlier that expected we've all decided it would be best for Justice to go stay with Holly. She was gunna go there during my surgery anyways ;) As much as it pained me to let her go this is what is best for her. Since I will be in a full leg...
  11. Positive Pitbull News
    For more information on this little guy, contact Donna Velez of Hearts of Gold Pit Bull Rescue by email at [email protected] On June 6, 2011, the City of Cleveland Ohio repealed long-standing breed specific ordinances in favor of ordinances targeting all irresponsible dog owners...
  12. Positive Pitbull News
    I found this on my facebook page and i wanted to share this with all of you....please sign this petition!!! Petitions by Change.org<a>|</a>Start a Petition »
  13. General Discussion
    This is a note I got from her owner today,in my FB inbox I would like to start by apologizing for not getting this information out to you sooner. I know you are all waiting on pins and needles for any word towards the outcome of Bella’s trial today. With the grace of God, Bella’s skilled...
  14. General Discussion
    There is a 2nd petition for Bella- SIGN PETITION HERE All information can be kept confidential. Original (Petition) Post Let's continue to give support in order for JUSTICE to be given in Bella's (and all other pit bulls') honor. Please sign and pass along to all your family and friends...
  15. General Discussion
    JUSTICE FOR BELLA PETITION Previous Post on Justice for Bella Please - let's get the remaining 5,000 votes to reach 10,000. You can keep your name and information private! (only your state will appear) Please let's get Justice for her! Please spread the word to all your family and friends...
  16. General Discussion
    This is sickening. :mad: I know everyone here can help and pass the word along. Justice needs to happen. Please sign this petition, and you can keep your name private. Please help Bella, who was shot and killed. http://www.thepetitionsite.com/201/justice-for-bella Thank you.
  17. Pictures
    We were watching movies so I let Justice out to hang with up on the couch. She loves her dad and is a bit of a Diva. Out cold! mouth open and drooling!
1-17 of 25 Results