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  1. The Family Room
    Some people who are not on my FB asked for updated pictures of Justin. He's almost two and just full of himself! This is how he goes to sleep every night. He has to have all three of his babies and tucked in with a blanket. A few months ago at the aquarium In his E collar! lol At a...
  2. Pictures
    Pictures of Justin, 10.5 months, and the puppies at almost 3.5 weeks old. He was chasing me down trying to lick me! lol Look at all those teeth! he has 8! following Venom Venom Kraken bobble head, lol cuz he is cute! ;) dead tired puppies! They ate solids for the first...
  3. The Family Room
    Well like the titles says he says dog and calls for the dog then my mom taught him how to say eyes. this was taken at breakfast, mmmm oatmeal and peaches!
  4. The Family Room
    He learned the paper on the table is fun to play with! lol
  5. The Family Room
    Justin just learned to play peek a boo and he thinks his dad is the funniest person in the world! Eating breakfast, apple/pear oatmeal. He is getting so big! I love my little man :hug:
  6. BSL Discussion
    So here in Texas they are trying to pass he so called Justin Law to where it is a FELONY to own Pitbulls in Texas.. Well I can tell you this I will be a Felon if it goes down. I really dont think it will pass but who knows these days..
  7. The Family Room
    How time flys!! he is getting so big and looks older than he really is, I forget how young he really is! At 5 weeks he started to like to play with things that moved and made noise. He is in his crib watching his toy dance. 6 weeks with my sister Nicole holding him with her partner Janette...
  8. The Family Room
    I have been so busy with Justin and then going back to work last week and next week. Sorry it took so long to get some pictures up. October 30th his first dog show! He was only there for a little while till my mom came and got him but still his first show! For Halloween he wore is outfit for...
  9. The Family Room
    Proud daddy! Justin looks just like his dad! Yawn! my sweet little mans! Under the Bili lights he had jaundice and we had to stay another 36 hrs in the hospital. Justin with his Grandma ready to finally go home. My mom loves him so much I can't keep her away from my house! lol My...
  10. The Family Room
    Ok, everyone. I started a new thread to ensure that everybody will see it. If you didn't see the last thread, Justin arrived 10/13/10 at 941am, weighing in at 6 lbs, 14 oz. I finally got a pic of him from Lisa this morning, so here he is in all his handsome glory!! WELCOME TO THE WORLD...
  11. The Family Room
    Here are a few pictures somehow not all appeared on my cd:( i did get cool video of the baby stretching his neck. His foot! My boy!
  12. General Discussion
    Pit bull has bitten three people but young owner fights to save it from death By Louise Dickson, Times Colonist An air of palpable sadness hung over Victoria provincial court yesterday as a young man with only a Grade 8 education fought to save his dog from being destroyed by court order. With...
1-12 of 17 Results