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  1. Pictures
    Enjoy my pics of my bonofide house pet :) Love and miss y'all Have a happy thanksgiving ;)
  2. General Discussion
    and I come to the conclusion that it is too big.... *le sigh* (which it isn't too awesome anyways but live and learn ;) On another note.... Tomorrow is her birthday... IDK if I'm crazy, but I'm making tomorrow super special for her :) Right now, I'm bored at work.... *grr* 3 more hours.....
  3. Pictures
    He added me and this is the one I see of Kandi's daddy... isn't it the cutest?? Kandi acts like him a lot. LOL
  4. General Discussion
    Found one of Kandi's dam's litter mates since De lila (which is Kandi's dam) isn't on the bully pedia.. Looks just like her though, and I'm thinking this is the build that Kandi looks like she is going to have... Weird how many different dogs can come out of one breeding, because most of Kandi's...
  5. Pictures
    Took a couple pics of her today... It might be hard to teach her how to keep standing lol. She just wants to sit >.< She thought she would try to lay on my shoulder here.... silly dog... lol she def weighs too much for that.
  6. Misc. Dog Activities
    Okay... been thinking long and hard, and I want to get Kandi a spring pole... She's so hyper active and loves playing tug o war... so I'm thinking spring pole.... Where can I get one for a good price??? Thanks all.
  7. Pictures
    I am going to start heavily training her.. my first dog I am wanting to train... there are absolutely no reputable breeders in my area. So any advice would be awesome. Thanks for looking.. I am definitely going to have to work on "stacking" her.... the way she holds her front paws when I try to...
  8. Pictures
    She is now a 45 pound lap dog. These pictues don't do her justice... Realllly need to get a cord for my camera.. but enjoy :P
  9. Health & Nutrition
    What am I supposed to do?? She won't stop LICKING Kandi in the face, and she keeps on. I have gotten on to her I don't know how many times the past couple days. Kandi now has a spot under her chin where Bella has licked her RAW. It's hard to keep the seperated, because they want to play...
  10. Pictures
    PLAY TIME is ALLLL THE TIME in this house Excuse her bed.... She pretty much disected it.... PUPPIES !!! My babies!!! <3 I can never get side shots of her!
  11. Pictures
    Haven't posted anything in a couple days, so I decided to post some new pics.
  12. Pictures
    I can't seem to post pictures in my albums, so I decided to put a few pics up of Kandi. I don't have a sd drive on my computer, so all I have is pictures from my phone. I'm posting a few when I got her until now. :)
1-12 of 12 Results