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  1. General Discussion
    Hey There, Fellow Pit-Lovers! I'm NEW here. So, I'd really like to introduce everyone to, The Love of My Life (My Furry-Lil-Meatball) Kane. As his 'Hooman', I tried to select pics that illustrate his, goofy, silly, fun-loving, incredibly intelligent & amazingly sweet personality...Enjoy! Sent...
  2. Pictures
    Here is our new pup Kane! We were told he was a 6 week old boxer mix. I see pit. Please let me know what you guys think. I'm aware that he may be too young to tell but just in case someone can I wanted to share. I also adopted him from a shelter and his liter was surrendered and from my...
  3. Pictures
    a couple shots from today big baby is the fawn female and Kane the white male
  4. Pictures
    New to the forum....this is Kane all comments welcome
  5. Pictures
    Like them on fb to fight Bsl at Monroe and Kane, Helping End Bsl Sent from my iPhone using Petguide.com Free App
  6. General Discussion
    What kind of bulky is my boy? Sent from my iPhone using Petguide.com Free App
  7. Pictures
    My little boy is all grown up--in body at least. He's definitely not there in mind yet. :roll: We went out for a hike in the freshly falling snow so he could try out his dashing new winter coat, and then commenced with the food stuffs and presents when we got back home. Also I made him wear...
  8. Pictures
    Here is my Dog Kane. He is 10 months old. He was the runt of the lit. Plz tell me what you think about him.
  9. Pictures
    But this is not one of those times .... :hammer:
  10. Pictures
    I posted these in another thread to answer someone's question, but am posting them here cuz I was planning to anyways. :) My friend shows, WPs and does Rally with Jax. He has his CH. in conformation, with a title each in WP and rally. Being good in his crate. Cooling off on the hardwood...
  11. General Discussion
    So, it turns out the dog I'd thought I would be getting for my job (pest control company, using dogs to sniff out bed bugs) is not going to work out. She was a young, female golden retriever. I was happy because male/female introductions usually go easier, blahblahblah, yay a male/female...
  12. General Discussion
    Well my little guy will be 1 year old Friday - October 15th. Suggestions on what to do for him? I'm thinking maybe a lil steak with his dinner. Or perhaps a puppy cupcake or something from my local dog spot.
  13. Pictures
    Well it FINALLY got here (j/k niz... sorta) But looks awesome! We'll both be cheering actively against Vick and the Eagles this upcoming Sunday. Sort of crappy cell phone pictures - so sorry.
  14. Pictures
    He only got 3 staples taken out yesterday because he'd managed to get his licks in when I wasn't looking, despite the donut collar. I'd been letting him wear the donut one at night so he could sleep easier, so I assume that's when he was licking at it. Luckily, the 7 or 8 other staples left in...
  15. Pictures
    Came home today after shadowing my friend while she worked her golden on the job (which I will be doing soon as a new handler in the company!) ... anyways, came home to find Kane licking his incision despite the donut on his head!! I didn't have high hopes for it lasting until Kane got his...
  16. Pictures
    Kane is doing really well in his recovery. He's at the point now where he's using his leg more/better than he was before surgery, and it's only 6 days after! I've already stopped giving him the tramadol (pain meds) because he seems to be healing so well and is (trying to be) very active. He's...
1-18 of 100 Results