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  1. Pictures
    Happy 10th birthday to my sweet baby Kangol. You're the most loyal, loving, and funniest "human" dog anyone could ever have. You've made me laugh since the day you were born. I LOVE YOU! Sent from Petguide.com Free App
  2. Pictures
    Sleeping with Bob Bulldoggy Getting his ridiculousness on And 2 throwbacks from when he was a pup taken almost 10 years ago.... he mastered the "man sit" long ago lol Yupp watching TV in both pictures Sent from Petguide.com Free App
  3. Pictures
    Hurricane greeted at the door by OG Mr Mittens And CH Shox drinking out of his water bowl Sent from Petguide.com Free App
  4. Pictures
    He's feeling ballsy lol Chillin in the yard Getting his thickness on Sent from Petguide.com Free App
  5. Pictures
    First..... Kangol doing what he does best this morning.... CH New Pair of Shox Random videos of CH Shox.... Gotta love his free stacks in the yard.... Perfect.... No high rears over here!!!! Stuntin.... Dude resourceful! This morning.....
  6. Pictures
    Night ride Helping put Legos together Rotten
  7. Pictures
    Happy 9th birthday to my baby Kangol! Can't believe he is 9 but I am sooooo thankful for it! Gosh I love hims! However spoiled he may be!
  8. Pictures
    Just wanted to post these shots I took of Kangol today, chillaxing in his chair. Spoiled ass dog! Gosh I love him though. His poses never get old to me!
  9. Pictures
    Here are some updated pics of Shox and Kangol. Shox is pulling his little heart out All Kangol wants is for Shox to leave him alone.... Shox wants kisses. Brayden is playing deer hunter and Shox is the deer. While I was producing the radio show last week, Shox got himself stuck with a...
  10. Pictures
    Gorilla's New Pair of Shox- March 17, 2012 Shox in the ring at Bullymania 2 here in Atlanta two weeks ago. He was handled by his breeder, Mike @ Gorilla Kennels. Team Gorilla Camp all day! Woot woot! Some updated pics of Shox and Kangol playing in the yard. Shox is plotting how to take...
  11. Pictures
    Kangol got a new toy at Walmart the other night.... He's sitting in the front seat looking real cute Yes, he is riding with his head out the window and the toy in his mouth Waiting very patiently at front door so he can go inside and destroy the pig. Destroying things is hard work so he...
  12. Pictures
    So those of you in VIP have heard the Hamster Fairy story. Just wanted to share some pics of Kangol's new arch nemesis, Tico Tango the hamster. Brayden's dad got him a hamster (oh joy). Anyway, needless to say Kangol does not like it.... and doing what he does best and loving his new toy...
  13. Pictures
    He's alllllllmost got the white dog man-sit down!!
  14. Pictures
    My Babies Sitting like that makes him fall asleep.... Weirdo Spoiled little baby dogs Patiently sitting in my lap and waiting for treats from his favorite teller at the bank My kid cracks me up. I told him to go get his shoes and bring them to me outside. He came out wearing 1...
  15. Pictures
    Kangol is getting his "man sit" on Love my boys His lookout perch Hims says, "Mother, quit taking pictures of me please!" Comfortable much? Look at that face.... Brat.... He looks irritated with me... Again in the chair that is way too small for him I did these with photoshop...
  16. Pictures
    Surprise! He's sleeping! Relaxing Just sittin here like this watching TV
  17. Pictures
    Chowing down on his birthday treat Who said White Dogs can't jump? I love this boy's smile Get that MF, Bobo!
  18. Pictures
    to my beautiful baby White Dog, Kangol. He is 6 years old today. I can't believe how fast these years have flown by and I don't know what I would do without him. He is my shadow and I wouldn't trade him for anything. Happy Birthday my Kangol Kangaroo Bobo Fett White Animal.
  19. Pictures
    Bunny told me to give this to kangol....
  20. Bloodline Discussion
    So I am in the process of putting together Kangol's ped. Six years ago, it honestly wasn't something I cared about. I don't have Sophie's pedigree from the ADBA yet, but here is one that will be similar to hers and in my opinion there are some nice dogs in it. Sophie's sire was Parks' Blue Blaze...
1-20 of 36 Results