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  1. General Discussion
    It’s been a minute but I’ve got a funny for you! So you guys will laugh. I was eating a grilled chicken salad the other day and I had a crown pop out. At first I was freaked out, then I realized it was mine...anyway looked like the cement just got old because it was completely intact and no pain...
  2. General Discussion
    We were out for our post dinner after work walk tonight when we happened to come across the biggest and nastiest.................... SNOWMAN on Earth! But, true to his breed, Kaos fought to the death of poor old Frosty. OMG it was HYSTERICAL and I soooooo wish I could have videotaped it!
  3. General Discussion
    Make sure you go see it! Saint John of Las Vegas comes out Jan 29th, Kaos plays a junk yard dog and that was his last role in the movies. That was a fun set to work on and I LOVED working with Steve Buscemi and Romany Malco was the funniest and coolest star I have had the pleasure of working...
  4. General Discussion
    Kaos lost his battle with cancer Monday night at 9:30pm. He passed away in my arms they way he would have wanted to go, at home with all of us around him. He got sick on Sunday and we thought it was going to be just like all the other episodes in the past. He gets sick we put him in Iv's and he...
  5. Pictures
    why are you still in MY house young lady? i dont know...i kinda thought you wanted me here? if you wont leave, ill just have to eat you! your wrong, im going to eat you instead!
  6. General Discussion
    Hi here are my two babies, Mia is now 1 yr and half and Kaos is 8 months, love to have your comments ciao:pupruns:
  7. General Discussion
    I shot these pic's yesterday morn. ciao
1-7 of 9 Results