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  1. Health & Nutrition
    Hello all, its been a while since i posted last. My little girl turned 1 year old on jan 21st. Purebred American staff brindle colored if that matters at all. About 6 months or so ago she was itching quite often and biting her nails. We took her to the vet and they said it could possibly be...
  2. Pictures
    Been awhile, gorgeous Sunday out today so hopefully I can get her to do a photo shoot lol. But had to share this pic from last night. Me and my wife are expecting a son very soon and karma knows she always lays her head on her belly it's to cute. But karma is doing very well she is almost a year...
  3. Pictures
    Miss karma! She's so freaking cute! She's 9 months old now.
  4. Pictures
    They did this over and over for about an hour lol. There best friends I swear!
  5. Pictures
    So I was going to bed and told karma to get in her cage for bed and she's usally goes, but she just ignored me the whole time lol. She's getting so big now 5 1/2 months!
  6. Pictures
    Gorgeous day out! Backyard almost don't s karma can finally get back to being free! But for now she was just out enjoying the sun! She's getting so big! She's now 18 weeks.
  7. Pictures
    So me and my son went outside to ride his bike. Karma came and she got thirsty so popped a hole in a bottle of water and she loved it lol. Thought it was funny. http://vid1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag63/Mr_inkedup/Mobile%20Uploads/0315161749_zpss9ody4rf.mp4...
  8. Pictures
    So my son was taking a bath as he usually does, I left to grab a towel and come back to karma in the bath with him lol. Needless to say they had a blast. Couldn't get good pics cause she was non stop on the go. I did get a action photo of her diving in.
  9. Pictures
    Jeeze she is just growing like crazy. I have a feeling she is going to be huge lol. She's 15 weeks now. First few pics is her out front cause our back yard is under construction. She gets mad cause she gets wrapped around the tree and can't figure out how to get unwrapped lol. The other pic is...
  10. Pictures
    So karma has the whole couch let alone the whole house to lay down. But she has to lay on my shoulder and head lol.
  11. Pictures
    Thought I'd share like I do all my pictures lol. Thought is was a good pic!
  12. Pictures
    So miss karma was giving us some sassy looks today. She is now 13 weeks. Just had her second round of puppy shots. She weighed 17.5 lbs! Healthy as ever. I can't get over how big her paws are and how long her legs are! More pictures to come. Where about to head to the dog park.
  13. Pictures
    Jeeze karma is just getting big so fast! Seems like she was just so small the other day. She is now 13 weeks and has adapted to her food change well and is now just about bell trained to go potty. She LOVES carrots. She's a bratt sometimes but you can't help but love her!
  14. Pictures
    So I took Karma over to my parents to meet and play with Bella who is a 5 year old English bulldog. Couldn't get a good picture cause there non stop on the move so I got what I could lol. They had fun! I'll update as the night comes to an end.
  15. Pictures
    I can't help but to take pictures and upload them lol. But miss Karma being cute. Tried to get a good stance photo head on but she was being stubborn. Only 10 weeks old her stance is looking mighty nice. Then the other pic her doing puppy eyes wanting up on the couch.
  16. Pictures
    She just looks so gorgeous here thought I'd share. That's her favorite spot to sleep also. She's 9 weeks today. Her eyes are so cool. Hope they stay like that.
1-18 of 49 Results