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    My bf and i have a friend who has a bully and is always trying to get kenya over for a play day, and well we decided we would bring her over. We took them to a park that was fenced off and let the two go wild. here are some snap shots of the two :) enjoy
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    so here are the pictures u have all been waiting for!!!! sorry i have been so delayed i was up in portland for a business trip. well it took only ONE FULL NIGHT with her ears taped downwards (as NesOne suggested kudos!;)) and they were standing perfect the nest day. and they have been since...
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    S0 my sister in law had her bday BBQ yesterday and KENYA was on the invitation =] ok mom im waitin in the dark.... time to go yet???? i smell a treat... your trying to bribe me away oh yeah i smell it! oh yeah peanut butter kong mmmmm so tasty... CAN WE GO NOW ok i know its time to...