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  1. Pictures
    Well I had to do something with all these pics so I dumped them in my album and shared a few. (I really need a Nikon D40 :() Dude; are you gonna help me up or just look at me? I got the feeling that you think I'm cute. "Hey! If you're done with the Times can u take it off my back, since...
  2. Pictures
    I was gonna throw this in the training subforum, but it's more like pic sharing. Just me throwing a volley of a few simple commands together. Training is coming along fine. :) Reading is a tool, use it. wk11 crate = home wk11 Practice wk13 Leash Retrieve 4 potty wk14 Command Volley
  3. Introduction Forum
    No stranger to forums...so time to get my intro outta the way :cool: Well, let's see...not a newbie to dogs or APBT's either, but there's still a lot of experience, etc. out there to be learned. I don't breed. Just love dogs and willing/trying to learn more, to as much as possible. (I guess...
1-3 of 3 Results