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  1. Pictures
    Kilo @1year!!! Than all tired from pics...... Lol Thanks for looking!!
  2. Pictures
    He is still getting use to it, but he loves it already!!!! I had to let it hang down from the first pic because he wasnt ready to jump yet. So soon i should have some better pics of him with it!!!
  3. Health & Nutrition
    So kilo, my 9 month old bully tore his acl. I was just wondering if anyone has encountered this with their dog, and if so what surgery did they recieve. I was told that there was a few to choose from and i just wanted any info that could help me... What surgery they had, how effective it was...
  4. Pictures
    My Chunky Boy!!! :love:
  5. General Discussion
    hello everyone,i got my lil boy when he was just a few weeks old,hes now about 7 months.getting big.hes my first pit i get and so far so good,real smart and active. i actually got him for 80 bucks,i did get to see his mom and dad and other pups . his dad looked to me like a bully,and mom like a...
  6. Pictures
    soooooooooo we have a dirty boy! :)
  7. Health & Nutrition
    ok so im sorry for the picture because it does show some parts that do not need to be shown.... but i need help! Kilo has bumps all over th inside of his hind legs where there isnt much hair... around his peter nd balls... does anyone know what this is or what i can do before i spend a ton at...
  8. Pictures
    So everyone here are some pics of his ear crop..... They look real good!!! They are standing just fine so i dont think ill need to help them in anyway! :) But i had a few questions for owners who have gotten their dogs ears cropped. I know he is not suppose to scratch or itch them or mess with...
  9. Pictures
    Finally brought my camera along snapped some quick pix of Kilo playing at our neighbor hood park, hope y'all like em.
  10. Pictures
    Finally had some time to take some pictures.....but it was raining out side so took some shots of my two bullies and my 3 year old nephew around the house.
  11. Pictures
    Went to see if our fat bullies had any chance against Jack Rabbits... ***NO JACK-RABBITS WERE HURT OR KILLED***
  12. Pictures
    Its been a while since i last posted pictures of Kilo...specially with our new puppy Chico who has been taking Kilos attention and working for a new Pitbull Magazine Well i woke up early and took some new pictures....Here he is at 9 months old, i think hes getting big... but still a puppy...
  13. Pictures
    Here is a little update on Kilo he is 4 1/2 months now working on his hops:) Please rate and leave some comments & Picture on Charlie and Kilo before I loaded them up in the car to go to the dog park. (sorry took it on my phone)
  14. Pictures
    heres my boy kilo at almost 6 months
  15. Pictures
    The weather has been crappy for that past couple weeks, nothing but rain and fog had some sun this morning so took some pictures :) Here is Kilo at 17 weeks, let me know what you think. Here are some old pictures i thought were cute. Kilo at 13 weeks Kilo at 15 weeks
  16. Pictures
    is lazy
  17. Health & Nutrition
    i think kilo is in heat her stuff is swole up bad and the question i have is does there nipples get bigger while in heat cuz hers r getting bigger i think a lab got ahold of her but im not sure i keep her inside for the most part theres been a couple time were i put her on her lead for a hour or...
  18. Pictures
    Puppy Kilo (youtube vid) Kilo is 11weeks old...Bloodline is Razors Edge with a bit of Gotti...he is growing fast Before Ear Crop (10 weeks) After Ear Crop (11 weeks) soon will get better pictures:woof:
  19. General Discussion
    Yep came in the mail today and stillwater collars r what everyone says. i got some pics comeing after football today got to watch them bama boys play
1-20 of 23 Results