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  1. General Discussion
    I sit for this dog sometimes, and have been wondering. I have my own ideas but figured I'd ask what you guys think. Also just posting for general cuteness. If you adopted a dog that looks like this one, and the original owner of the litter was a Hungarian woman, here is your dog's long lost bro!
  2. General Discussion
    I was wondering if someone could help me figure out what kind of Pit my dog is?
  3. General Discussion
    Why kind of leash do you guys use for walking, everyday leash? I’m a new owner trying to figure stuff out.
  4. Pictures
    Was told he was a Bully and is 8-10 wks old. My partner n I think he might be a Blue or Red Fawn. Anyone can you help.
  5. Bloodline Discussion
    Hello everyone, After reading the stickies..not sure exactly which one, but I'm very curious of what Thor, my 8 month old pitty is. I bought him from a local couple that had a litter late June 2017 and snatched him in August. He was the last one and I think he was the runt of the pack. Due to...
  6. Bloodline Discussion
    First of all i don't really know much about pitbull so if i sound stupid for asking sorry ☹️ but 4 days ago i took a 3 hour drive to get a baby pitbull she was only 50 dollars so i wont expect it to be a pure breed. Im just curious does anyone know how to tell whats canela is mix with? Canela...
  7. Pictures
    Hi..I recently just adopted Onyx, when we got him they told us he was a boxer/pitbull. I don't really see the boxer in him..although he is very goofy when he runs. Can anyone tell me what they think he could be? If you have a dog that looks like him, please post a picture! Thank you!! Sent...
  8. General Discussion
    Hello.. We just added a 2 month old pit to the family and not to sure what brand to buy in food and how much to feed her.. Any suggestions!? Sent from my LG-H634 using Tapatalk
  9. Bloodline Discussion
    Hi everyone. I just bought my second pitbull puppy and I am having difficulties trying to figure out exactly what this little girl will look like. I did see the dad on site and they look somewhat familiar, but I wanted to hear everyone's opinions. Here is the pup's dad. I was told she...
  10. Bloodline Discussion
    I love my puppy, but was told he was a pit bull when I got him. His dad is definitely a pit bull, but his mother looks like a mix breed. Can someone please help shed some light. Only serious responses please. The last 2 pix are of his parents.
  11. General Discussion
    So I have a small fence that Gargamel could easily jump. He is never in the yard without me. I have made do with having a 50 foot lead that get tangled and is starting to wear. before that I went through 2 cable's that were supposed to be rated for dogs up to 100lbs and 150lbs, but Mel...
  12. Pictures
    THis is my friends dog. She thinks hes a full apbt. She finally admitted he MIGHT have some aussie/husky/rot in him but very little. And is positive he is over 95% pit but just merle. I asked to see papers and she said papers don't mean anything lol... Thoughts??????
  13. General Discussion
    I'm trying to figure out what type or brand of nail clippers work the best. I have been cutting my dogs nails for a good 15 years or so and I've never had a problem choosing clippers, but my girls nails are much bigger/thicker than my boys or any of my past dogs. I thought my clippers were dull...
  14. Pictures
    We went to a humane society on Valentine's Day and picked out a puppy. His form at the shelter said Bulldog mix. When we got home, I looked through the paperwork and one paper says Bulldog, one says Bulldog/mix, and the other says American Bull Terrier. I want to know if he looks like a pit...
1-14 of 89 Results