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  1. Health & Nutrition
    Hi I just received my puppy yesterday 8 weeks old he is on puppy chow I want to switch him my wife went to costco and bought kirkland all life stages dog food it says it good for using for a puppy I was going to tell her to return it us it a good food and ok with for my pup or should I use...
  2. Health & Nutrition
    I'm thinking about switching pedigree to Kirkland dog food. Bad idea or good? Sent from Petguide.com Free App
  3. Health & Nutrition
    I know alot of people here feed this costco brand of food so I thought I'd share this even though they are only saying that it might be from the canned food. Just something to keep an eye on just in case its true or if issues arise with the kibble as well. Just thought I'd share this :)...
  4. Health & Nutrition
    I have been feeding my dogs Kirkland lamb and rice for about a year and am considering switching them to the chicken and rice formula. Does anyone know the difference? What are the benefits of using lamb and rice versus using chicken and rice and vice versa? I noticed there mature adult, puppy...
  5. Health & Nutrition
    Hi, My girl indica is on Kirkland Signature Range Super Premium Puppy Chicken, Rice and Vegetable I'm wondering, shes on the smaller side but seems to be getting bigger now, I wasnt feeding her upto a few monthes ago, (She was getting half of what she shud daily) I was using 2 handfuls thinking...
  6. Health & Nutrition
    Hello All, I am currently feeding my pup Nutro Max Puppy Food and I have been hearing that a good and less expensive alternative is the Cost Co brand Kirkland Signature (chicken, rice, and veggie) Dog/Puppy food? But since I have not tried it as of yet I wanted to get options and experience...
  7. General Discussion
    Hey every1, I just wanted to ask if anyone lately has had any problems with their dog(s) that you feed Kirkland to.. Also has anyone heard of any recalls or problems with the Kirkland food... I feed my dogs the Chicken & Rice & as of late been getting allot of gas & vomiting from my dogs... I...
  8. Health & Nutrition
    Its Costco's brand dog food and I've read really good reviews and they score 110 on the food scoring chart. I've been feeding it to Layla for about a month and wanted to know if anyone else is feeding it and what their experience has been.... thanks!
1-8 of 8 Results