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  1. Pictures
    The Las Vegas show went ok but I have to admit my dogs where not in fantastic shape. I have been busy and not able to get them in shape but I did walk away with some good placements and found multiple dogs in for Best In Show. Thank you Doug for taking pictures!! Barca Yelling at me on the...
  2. Authorized Breeders
    Venom is up for Co-own If I can find the right person she is 14 months. She is already started in Obed, Agility, and is ready to compete in K9 Nose Work. She is already ADBA pointed with several 1st and 2nd place wins Contact me at [email protected] This is not the best picture but...
  3. Authorized Breeders
    Rain is off CH Monsoon and Terra. She is a fantastic little dog and I hate to even consider a Co-own but I think she would be happier with more attention than having to share with 17 other dogs. She is started in Obedience and can heel, sit, down, stay and her heeling is competition heeling not...
  4. Pictures
    CH K9 Performance KNLS Siren x Gr.Ch. Bibys Zorro POE crew turns 2 years old today! I can't beleive it's been 2 years. Holly and Lisa post up some photos! Here's a few, ok Several of Earl throughout the last 2 years.
  5. Pictures
    Ummmm this is where Holly needs to post pictures of bobble head!! I didn't see his pictures up here so I thought I would give you a hard time ;) He is so pretty in those last pictures you took they deserve to be on the forum :woof:
  6. Pictures
    Finally here is my new little squirt Viper! The ears are getting glues TODAY! lol oh yeah I am going to keep her ears natural. shocker right? lol Playing with her BFF Tasha, Tasha is the alpha bitch of the house but just loves the puppy. K9 Perfromance Knls Catch me if you can...
  7. Pictures
    Here is Barca, I know he is fat but I just got him back on Friday. I will start to condition him this week then take more pictures. He looks just like his mom, Siren! Yeah I need to teach him to out! lol Ok Crixus was being a diva dog and she felt it was WAY too cold to stack! He back...
  8. General Discussion
    This month at our state fair they have Dock Dog competitions and of course I could not pass up the opportunity to do it with my dogs. I have been waiting for something like this to come to town and I am excited we finally get a chance to play. In the desert we do not have much water but we do...
1-9 of 9 Results