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  1. General Discussion
    So I am trying to get my little girl to be really into Kongs as a chew toy. I am freezing her kibble inside of the Kong, and putting it in her crate for lunch, she also gets feed out of the bowl during another meal so she will eat out of a bowl. But my question is what can I fill the Kong with...
  2. Health & Nutrition
    I know pit bulls are notoriously bad chewers... and there is virtually no toy out there that they can't effectively annihilate in less than 1 day. Sallie (2 yr old girl) has already gone through 3 Kongs... currently I'm having to freeze it in water to slow her down a bit, but as soon as it...
  3. Pictures
    Someone asked me a while back to post pictures of my Kong harnesses that also come with an attachment to make it a car restraint. I just can't seem to remember who asked or what thread I was in at the time. The piece that hooks to the seat belt is not on the harness in the pictures, but it...
  4. Pictures
    Here's a video of Beau eating out of his kong....with some Takoda in it as well!! Warning ignore my southern accent and annoying voice and focus on the cute dogs :)
  5. Pictures
    just a few new pics hope everyone enjoys!!!!
  6. General Discussion
    Everyone uses em'. Whatcha fill yours with????
  7. Pictures
    took the Boys to the park and took some new pics of King Kong
  8. Pictures
    This is my 4 month old Blue Fawn King Kong and my chihuahua Benny
  9. General Discussion
    So I havent posted in a while just kind of on every now and then checking out whats new. Well my dog Miley turned a year the last week of Jan. and I have now had a her a bit over a year. Went down to the local pet store and got her a Kong finally. If you dont have one, quit reading this and go...
  10. Pictures
    i thought they said it was tuff :hammer:
  11. Health & Nutrition
    ok so i just bought Apollo the black large kong rubber and he seemed pretty good at getting the treats and liver paste out and he statred doing it quicker and quicker so i wanted to make it a little more challenging so i would fill it and then freeze it for about 3 hours and he still gets it all...
  12. Pictures
    So Luke has never been a chewer so his knog is still in one piece he only eats the peanut butter and treat out if it and thats it. Jesse on the other hand eats the peanut butter and treat plus more...lol. They never get there kongs unless me or my husband are around and they never left in there...
1-15 of 19 Results